You now remember Zetsuen no Tempest and its top-tier girls

You now remember Zetsuen no Tempest and its top-tier girls.

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I remember the best "talking on top of a slope" arc ever.

I know I watched this, but I can remember anything about it.

The two MCs absolutely mindfucking salmon was great.

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-the Chaos Mage

Same but I do remember enjoying it a lot.
I'm probably going to rewatch it.

I will never forget Aika.

ZnT is one of my favorite "less popular" shows with Zankyou no Terror and Shingeki no Bahamut. I rewatch them religiously from time to time.

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>Zankyou no Terror and Shingeki no Bahamut
Neither of these were unpopular when they aired.

> less popular != not popular
> at the time != now

I loved the OP

It was great, but OP 2 is still my fav. It has that classic opening feeling to it

> its top-tier girls

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series turned to shit in the second half

People say this, but I thought it was fine. It just had a different sort of vibe from the first half.

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>Zetsuen no Tempest
Holy shit, haven't heard that title for years

No, I don't, only one I can recall is the girl who killed herself.
That is one of the few things in general I can remember about it, that and some huge tree in the sea.

The EDs are better than the OPs

Some but Aika made up for it. Definitely best girl.

Yeah first half have this sort of adventure in apocalyptic land while second half...investigating an alien trees or something?

The show is about the guys not the girls. The girls are boring and 3DPD-tier.