One Piece

>three devil fruits
Tick tock, nikafags

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>Black beard
> No beard on flag
Shit design

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Just imagine what glow up Pudding will have

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>watch anime
>Overtaken plays
>I smile
simple as

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Sanji couldn't even beat judge. How is he worth a billion?

Nami cares about her friends dumbass

I do not acknowledge Nika as canon.

Gorosei you lost deal with it.

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Judge is worth 5 billion

>Kills Oven
Nuthin personnel, Charlottefags.

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The sisters of fate don't have beards. His flag is looking into the past, present, and future to find the best route to One Piece


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Post Cute and Canon

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>ope ope no mi
worth 5Billion
worth 3Billion after beating a Yonko


Sabo is calling to say he left Revs and his hobby now is to impregante Vivi, right?

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What the fuck is the point of gear 4 now that Luffy has gear 5?

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Eh, I think its too late for that, he wouldnt have time to master another fruit(unless he got it during the timeskip)

I ship them.

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>no troon representation

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gear 4 is the new gear 2

Sabo is calling to say he died and Vivi ate his fruit, and now she's coming to join the Strawhats.

Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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I want to smell her feet

Daifukuchads, now is your time.

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Is the film red anime special good? Nothing to do and might watch

Are you sure about that?

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Will Sanji ever lead the crew like he used to so many time pre ts

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Reminder to take the Kuzan pill. Hes the most likely nakama outside of Vivi

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>What the fuck is the point of SSJ now that Goku has SSJ2