Daily Shinryaku! Ika Musume Chapters

Isn’t it a Hat?

Chapter 167

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Early today because I’m drinking again

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Cute hat

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Fuck i am late.
Yeah! I love Ika!

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>Early today because I’m drinking again
i take it back, thanks for dumping before going out

No no, you’re not late, I’m just early

Don’t worry about it, I’ve already been out for a while.

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>OP is back to hanging out with his cooler friends he likes more

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Yeah he is too good for us, he doesnt want to drink beers while we listen to Ika_Musume_Opening_1.mp3 on repeat and play Twisted Metal black on my old ps2

Never, I love you all just as much. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t

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Why is Eiko so angry de geso? was her helmet a secret?


And that’s it for today
Only one chapter today. More wouldn’t be safe without proper protection

Do you wear hats? Are you a fedora wearer?
I wear a baseball cap all the time during summer and a beanie during winter.

Thank you for reading
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lol what a dork

Thanks OP! Now go and drink responsibly, you earn it
>Do you wear hats? Are you a fedora wearer?
I used to wear caps when i was younger, now i avoid anything like that. I really dont care abour fedoras

>Only one chapter today.
I plan to kill myself
>Do you wear hats? Are you a fedora wearer?
My dad makes me wear hats because he hates my long hair

It's like she's wearing two hats.
I don't anymore. I used to when I was younger though.
Thanks OP

if its any consolation, i hate it too. shave it off hippie.

100pointchad rise up

I always drink responsibly

That’s rude, I also have quite long hair, but I wear a cap because I’m too lazy to style it properly

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