Urusei Yatsura


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Shinobu is best girl indeed. This was confirmed by Rumiko herself.


I just love my sweet Ran

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Rans hair is the best its just so fluffy and awesome

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I just finished watching the whole series yesterday, Sakura in the last movie looked hot af

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It's sad to see how irrelevant she becomes later in the series and how she completely stops giving a shit about Ataru.

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Good. She knows her place.

Hopefully the reboot enlightens more about the true patricians choice. Lum is plebian trash.

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I'm about halfway through and Ran VA change is such a fucking shame, especially since she was one of my favorite characters. Her psycho voice from is nowhere near as good now.

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I never noticed the change, WTF

Based, Shinobu is the best

Always My Darling is the only good looking Urusei Yatsura release.

Man, Lum was extra shit on episode 135 what the fuck, I'll watch 1 more episode and call it a day.

OVAs are the best

> In the initial ten-part serialization, I drew a future in which Shinobu would marry Ataru, and I kept wondering how I could resolve this future.
>I came up with a parallel world and a door, and was able to introduce Inaba as well, which I thought would make Shinobu happy.
>The Urusei serialization ended because I saw Shinobu was happy.

I didn't either. I think her normal voice remains pretty similar, although her angry one is very different like he said.