One Piece

Now that it's confirmed Mihawk is stronger AND more skilled than him, how will he help his little brother Buggy?

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Sanji is so lucky

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Low bounty, high efficiency

Shanks is stronger you say?
Does Zoro want to fight Shanks? no?
Well I guess there you have your fucking answer.

It's not that complicated I swear

Elbaf will be terrible but it'll be short
Sorry usopp bros

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yeah at this point I think it's pretty clear mihawk is stronger. it's been hinted at enough and with the new bounty reveals I think it's obvious mihawk is the stronger of the two


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Zoro is retarded, and Shanks no longer has his dominant hand

Doomposters pls go. Enel will save Elbaf.

I hope Electric Slim comes back

The poor kuja right now
I weep for them

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How hard will he job to BB?

Take the Kuzan pill nakama fags

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cartoon villains are so boring


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imagine declining Maria in favor of saving Wano

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See you next week.

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A true carrotfag would keep his trust in Carrot even if she literally dies next chapter.

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the crate will never be opened
the carrotposting will not end until she shows up in the post wano cover story

Can we once more complain about how shit Kaidos crew was? Half the lot sabotaged their crew, jack lost to inuarashi. His left and right hand men were obliberated by sanji and zoro the moment they got their powerups. The one strong guy is Kaido himself, who couldnt even kill kinemon with a full power ragnarok smash to the head. What a fucking joke this was. The big mom pirates would wipe the floor with this cuntgang

Why are Carrotfags so jaded regarding her role in the series
Every other characterfag is happy for them to just exist, but Carrotfags shit the bed if she ends up being anything less than the most important character in the series

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>They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

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Well, yeah, it sucked. Queen, Sasaki and Ulti were the only fun characters in that jurasic circus

Sanji Black Coc fire soon............

If Luffy and Shanks managed to meet again would Zoro challenge him? He was Mihawk's rival after all, it would make sense to try and fight the second strongest swordsman.
Would Oda even allow that to happen?

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What will you do after 1060 if she's not in it

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I thought they were pretty good
I know it's fucked up to suggest but I think there should've been more high ranking members
for the pirate crew led by the strongest thing alive there really wasn't that many high ranking members
although more characters is the fucking last thing Wano needed, i would've probably subbed out Hygoro's gang for more beast pirate members to fight againsts the scabbards

Of course. Because carrot will be the pirate king, obviously

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The Tenth

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Carrot is actually the One Piece. Yes, I am Oda’s pen.

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I'll wait for 1061

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>second strongest swordsman.

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You forgot a few P's

Yeah they were fun admittedly but in terms of power? Pathetic. Imagine if they had the task of saving ace? Aokiji can hold of kaido and akainu slaughters the rest of the crew easily. Then they gang up on kaido. These two could solo the entire crew

Nonsense, all of them are a thousand times more entertaining that the insufferable slog that was the Wano samurai
I've never cared so little about a conflict because the bad guys are so much more fun than the boring as all fuck good guys

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SaNabros, our response?

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>no role
>no dream
>no backstory
>no goodbye

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Duchess memes.

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Where were Maria's legs in the manga? Damn

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It's not the character so much as the nakamafaggotry. Were you under a rock the past year or so with all the Yamatofags? Half of them probably just switched to Carrot once Yamato got explicitly deconfirmed as a Straw Hat.

Post Cute and Canon

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The Beast Pirates beat the Strawhats harder than any foes they ever faced before in the entire series, downplaying their power is pure idiocy

>Would Oda even allow that to happen?

Zoro and Shanks are two characters Oda is trying their hardest to not make look bad.

Sure, but at least they were fun

Not a huge achievement, to be honest. Foxy is more entertaining than Wano samurais.

I thought the new chapter only said Mihawk is more skilled with the sword?
Shanks still has retardedly powerful haki
and we know how hard retardedly powerful haki can carry a character powerwise
look at Roger and Garp
Shanks > Mihawk

Just give me PW4 already. I want to main Hybrid Kaido, Nika Luffy, and Hybrid Maria.

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So the only thing we found out from volume 4/4 is that Uta canonically loves Luffy?

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>used goods

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Admirals gets low differed by Sabo.

>MIhawk is a more skilled swordsman than Kaido
>Mihawk would have a 0% chance of victory agaisnt Kaido in a 1 on 1 duel
There. Now you understand why sword skill does not equal strength.

Stop being autistic and just enjoy the story. Shitposts are boring.

shipping SHs with other SHs is plain wrong, especially when Oda went out of his way to say they're a family and even made them love interests outside of the crew

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this is the truth, but the world isn't ready to accept it

I'm pretty sure Kizaru + Kuma fucked em up way more. It took them a few years to recover. Same with WCI where they had to escape the fight alltogether. Wano required a small training arc for luffy and that's about it.

why the fuck are we on break
weren't we supposed to get one more chapter before?
did I count wrong?

I think theyre about the same. Its simple logic. Why would they mention swordsmanship skill explicity? Its because Shanks has the lead in Haki. Shanks is probably the strongest pirate in the world now that the kaicuck and big meme are gone for good

>why the fuck are we on break

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I saw a fat girl on my office wearing an Uta jacket. And then I was about to call her Puta...

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honestly not much better than whitebeard's crew
marco, ace and jozu were fodderized by the admirals

oars jr and atmos were utterly fodderized by doflamingo who is YC4 level

big mom's crew is definitely better than kaido's, and she also has a larger army plus better coordination and comradery

Nami should be the number two strongest. Discuss

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i don't know what that is

That one one piece movie where Sanji and Nami where dressed like a married couple and how that was reflected in Thriller bark and WCI

I realls hope Ulti and Paypay retire and open up a bakery or some shit. I would insert a pepe but id get banned. Sasaki was also cool


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Here you go

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I'm waiting for some scans to drop

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Come on dude, think for more than 5 seconds
That's because the Strawhats were at their most inadequate at Sabaody
Onigashima is the culmination of all their greatest efforts and dedicated aspirations of becoming the strongest people they can possibly be, and they still got fucking thrashed

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schizo theory that Oda wants to make Carrot join the crew

>The Mid-Autumn Festival is named Tsukimi (月見) or Otsukimi (literally meaning 'moon-viewing') in Japan.
>Around Tsukimi, you’ll see a lot of rabbit-themed decorations to go along with the story.
>You can find scenes of rabbits gathered together or rabbits pounding mochi (rice cakes), which is the main festival food to enjoy while moon viewing.
>1059 released in Japan on the 12th of September
>Tsukimi observed in Japan this year from the 10th-13th of September

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Marco and Katakuri carry their crews, while the Beast Pirates are all balanced. However, the Big Mom pirates definitely performed better on average compared to Kaido and Whitebeard's crews.

>Shanks is probably the strongest pirate in the world now that the kaicuck and big meme are gone for good
just wait til we see Blackbeard again

>Luffy, what is Robin's role on the ship?

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Should Nami be a swordmaster or just have an OP devil fruit?

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Why did he not mention Mihawk?

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arguing with lunafag makes me feel like Im punching a little retarded kid.

Zeus is enough

I want Yamato to drag them along on her cover story travelling across Wano, and appoint them her scabbards/crewmates which they refuse to accept but have no choice but to play along with.

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>sword skills has nothing to do with haki
Fucking Shanksfags confirming themselves as absolute dumb speedreaders.
Pick up a book for fuck sake.

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Man that's no fun. Zoro should at least try to see where he stands in strength. Wanting to be the WSS and not fighting his rival?

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Weather related DF

It's just a raise in powerlevel, but not in power difference. Beast pirates were technically strong, but they felt less menacing than Crocodile, Kuzan, Kizaru, Magelan or Big Mom.

Nami should use her staff's capabilities more, hopefully Oda allows her to be more active in fights now that she has Zeus with her

Don't say that or they will think that you are in love with them

No he's not. He wasn't enough for Big Mom, who was both a swordmaster and had an OP devil fruit.

Give me my clothes back

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Whitebeard's crew were fighting on par against the full power of Marine HQ + the warlords, while Big Mom's pirates couldn't catch half the straw hats and two of their own subordinate crews.

Zeus on a good day > Big Mom full power

I feel like youre biased because the crew was just a bunch of likeable idiots but they were genuinely a bunch of shitters in the end. Queen was astronomically outmatched when sanji got ifrit jambe. Same shit with zoro. It wouldnt even be a fight in a rematch. Mr 1 was a much bigger challenge


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>In Greek mythology Uranus is the titan representing the sky
>Uranus is the first child of the Void
>All the titans are the children of Uranus
>The titans each represent forces of nature
>The titan Chronus gave birth to the gods
>Blackbeard is connected to the void
>Luffy is connected to Uranus in that his power is the most versatile of all powers
>Logia are natural elements
>Paramecia and zoan are gods and monsters (there is literally a minotaur zoan)
>The straw hat looks like Uranus too
>On Punk Hazard and WCI we learned that by manipulating people genes you can give them Devil Fruit-like powers such as turning them giant or the stuff with Germa
>Poseidon is the god of the sea and the weapon is in the sea under the redline
>In addition Pluto is the god of the Underworld, or Earth in this case and is located underwater in Wano
>Wano's sea levels rose due to walls similar to the redline
>The redline and the grandline form an X
>In the sky above the redline in Pangea Castle is a straw hat
>Pangea is the supercontinent formed when all the continents were one
>If all the land is one, then all the oceans are one as well
>Therefore Carrot will never be a straw hat
Did I miss anything?

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