Bleach Catch up Storytime VIBEs/SOULs

With the return of the anime this october, it's a good idea to always have the whole work somewhat fresh in your mind going into the ending arc, and to that end I will storytime the manga (alonside some extras) until the end of fullbring, and then point out things in the adaption as it is happening, to form a better informed view of the manga, for me and (You).
Let's take a moment and see some databook stuff, as things from here are in the next volume anyway, so it's the best time for it
Let's the start the SOULs and VIBEs Kubo X Morita interviews
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The interview starts with questions for Morita (Ichigo's VA) and with Kubo being questioned for Souls

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I want to taste Momo's cookies

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>The moon that shaves the night

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>black sun
>Zanpakuto naming conventions are all about the moon

Why does Orihime want her husband to have a harem?

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She is THAT based.

He's just not the same without the shades

Ichigo’s bankai was his best look by far

M= Morita, K= Kubo, In=Interviewer
About The Bleach Anime
>In -Mr. Kubo watches the anime every week without fail. Does Morita-san also read JUMP (*1) every week?
M "Yes, I do. Every Monday without fail. At the convenience store.
K "Do you buy it with your own money?
M "Of course! (laugh) "Oh, is it really something you can get? I have been paying for it since I was in the second grade of elementary school.

>In -I Did your role as Ichigo change the way you read Jump?
M "Yes, it has changed. I get very nervous when I read "BLEACH" now. I have to go home, take a bath, and clean myself up (laughs).
M "It's just like a script. I read it before going to bed or when the scene is quiet. The first time you read a script is very important for an actor, so you have to read it in a very quiet place and concentrate on it.

>Who is your Favorite character?

M - I am often asked that.
It's like in the real world, there are people, each with their own backgrounds, and their intertwining creates a story.
The story is created by the intertwining of these people.
I think that is the way a true story is born.
This work is fun to read because it is well constructed, and I think those connections add depth to the story itself. That's why I don't think it's easy to ask, "Who do you like as a character?" "Who is your favorite character?"
I think it is a foolish question.
I think it's a silly question.
If I were asked who in particular, I would say Ichigo Kurosaki, because I can't think of anyone else but my own character. I would also say Rangiku Matsumoto.

K "That's great. I was a little moved while listening to it. I was thinking, "Wow, you really read and like my book!"

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I wish I was Ichigo

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Never watched Bleach so I texted my brother asking him to give me a qrd on it and his only reply was "Rukia a best don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise"
Is he right, Any Forums?

He must've stopped watching before Momo appeared

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>Liking used goods

>I would also say Rangiku Matsumoto.

Based Rangiku enjoyer

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itchimatsu bros? we got a chance

Ichigo Kurosaki and Morita

>In- There was the image of Ichigo that you created, and then there was the image of Ichigo that Morita-san has in his mind. There are moments when I feel that the two overlap well.
M "The scene where Renji and Ichigo shout in synchronization. Ichigo and Renji have a connection that I can't talk about enough. They are rivals and friends. The person playing this role is Kentaro Ito, who is also an amazing person, so all boundaries disappear, strangely enough. It's like that "I made a vow to my soul!" When he says that line, they are so liberated.
They are able to say it as their own words, as their own cry. So they are not wearing Ichigo and Renji, but they are shouting themselves with Ichigo and Renji inside.... Very hot, very hot!
It's a very hot line.
>In -It was a very impressive scene.
M "In my mind and heart, I'm striking a gut-pose, but I don't know what to say. (laughs). When I play Ichigo Kurosaki, there are certain things I really want him to say. I want to put my own taste into it.
I want to put my own face into the role, or rather, I want to say that this is how I feel about the role. In the Grand Fisher Arc, which was also a favorite of the mine, there is a scene in the forest where he meets Rukia and speaks a simple line, like a normal whispering voice. I really wanted to do that scene in that style.
>In -What kind of line was it?
K: "Rukia says to Ichigo, 'I think Masaki was killed by a hollow" right after Rukia tells him that
K: "It's the scene where he says, 'It's nothing,' or 'No way' and leaves.

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She's used because she's in high demand

>They are rivals
Ichigo gets a new rival every arc lmao

He's a very competitive guy.

About Watching Episode 1 of the anime in 2004
K When I saw that scene, I got goosebumps.
K "That scene when I saw the VTR of the finished product for the first time during the animation tour. Morita-san played the role of Ichigo as he felt it... I was rather grateful for that, and I wanted to hear that, and when what came out different from the image I had, it was became deeper, I was thrilled. I get a thrill out of it. When that happens, I think it's a good thing that it's going to be made into an animated film.
M "When I was reading the script, it just came to me. I wanted to express in the first recording what I wanted to give to Ichigo in terms of this normal, whispering feeling. I wanted to express how I wanted to portray Ichigo Kurosaki to the world in this scene. I wanted to give him a streetwise feel, and I also wanted to show him as a normal high school student, a boy. I wanted to see how much meaning I could put into it.
K: "He plays the role well."
>In Did you get goosebumps because it was something beyond your imagination?
K "Yes. I was happy that the anime was exactly as in the original, but what made me even happier was the part where I said, "Oh, so this is how he said that." Ichigo's attitude at this moment made me realize, "that's how Ichigo says it," or rather, that image of Ichigo entered my mind.

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Honest thoughts on Karin Kurosaki?

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She's good

why hasn't she called child protective services

Pushing Lilynette on a swing

I hope she grows up to be a proper busty shiba

*and when what came out different from the image I had, it became even deeper

M "It's an ordinary scene, but that's why it's so important.
Ichigo is blunt/simple. When he saves Rukia, he just says, "Yo!"
I really wanted to put my own feelings into the role I was playing.
K. "Ichigo has many short lines.
Like the "ah" after Renji's plea and the like.
M "I also had a lot of trouble with that line. Just listening to Renji's narration in the background, I would start to cry. But I had to say 'ah". Even after the recording, I was worried about whether it was okay or not. I was too scared to watch the on-air performance.
K "That episode was amazing.
It was very important to me he said "Yo!", Ichigo was a normal high school student who became a Shinigami, so being a Shinigami is not the main thing. It's important to have that feeling.
Orikasa's Rukia performance is thrilling, and Morita-san's "Aaah" at the end is also thrilling. ..... In that episode, there was the first scene with Orikasa-san's Rukia that gave me the chills. Renji puts his hand on Rukia's shoulder, and Rukia says, "Oh, well, thank you," and moves her hand away. The sound of that "I see." suprised me a lot.

M "Rukia's 'I see' is the starting point of the relationship between Renji and Rukia, so if we don't put the right amount of emotion into it, the rest of the story will become thin.

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Aizen is so great he raises the value of the goods he touches

Mini Tatsuki

K "When I'm drawing, I want people to read these parts without worrying about them. I always try to draw the story so that it will remain in the mind of the reader. There are parts that I want the viewer to think freely about, and parts that I don't want them to think a certain's difficult.

M "As a creator, I think I win if I can depict a naturalness that can be overlooked, a naturalness that is like air. If you can draw something like that, it can be overlooked by even the creator, then you have won.