Dragon Ball Super

Japan hates Dragon Ball Super and Gohan

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Shanks won.


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Beerus? Lost to Arale.

>one-shots every character in SHITper

Too easy.

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If you use this thread you part of the problem.


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Namek SSJ Goku could one shoot every character in SHITper. It's not a feat.

I will never watch it.

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Gohan blanco is literally fanfiction.

The movie is literally fanfiction.

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My princess! Shatter my pelvis!

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SHITper is fanfiction in its entirety

SHITgeta (f) is ugly.

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Gohan Blanco Maximo Modo Bestia

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>80M for CHAD Piece
>58M for SHIThan

Based truth posters.

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Better than Toyopacohacko's FANFICnga and the filler moe FLOPvie.

Lunch is so beautiful…
Videl is so beautiful…
18 is so beautiful…
Female Bejita is so beautiful…

I quite liked the Mihawk Crocodile play and I'm still optimistic about the bunny getting in.

>Wan Piss

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You don't like Vegeta.

Towa is so beautiful…


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Dai no Daibouken is so superior to SHITper it's not even funny

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Yeah, Vegeta is a joke, we know.

Goku blacked

anybody else get aroused from this scene?

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The only one worthy of the title "BEAST"

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Made for birthing superior Elite Saiyan Warriors.

Oh, a fellow man of taste.

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Vegeta? 3-0
Superman? 2-0
Chi-Chi? 0-0

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... Is his father, Paragus.

For those who don't get the joke, blacked is in reference to interracial pornography.

What about CHADza's score?

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God I hate Shitper

All in all really good arc. Had a darker tone and higher stakes compared to everything that came before.
I do sorta wish that Ten and Goku got to team up against Piccolo instead of Goku doing it all himself, but Ten still got to help out so it's not too bad

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Frieza has been possessed by Zamasu's ghost, that's why he's now Black Frieza.

Everyone does.

You are witnessing the turning point for the series


This song... It's so... sad...

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Future Mai is so beautiful…

Uta mogs the entire DBZ franchise.

>Nu dock

why is the sub so horrendous for dragon ball?