Yama no Susume

We will get a new season this year
what are your're hopes?

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K2 or bust.


Climbing Mt. Fujil.


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that it wont be just 8x12 minutes

It's confirmed to be full length, but with 4 (?) recap episodes at the beginning. Do the math, and you will see it's still more new anime than a half-length season without recap.

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Steamy hot tent sex with Hinata

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I'd much prefer to bust

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More Aoi camisole

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less fanservice and more gore.

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I always thought the gag of the store owner bursting out of nowhere to say he was going to inform Aoi's mother that Aoi has a boyfriend to be extremely funny

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>what are your're hopes?
Mountaintop scissoring.

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Can you all stop being horny for ONE thread

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