Who'd win?

who'd win?

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Me. I'd win.

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Nothing that anyone in the OP can do can accomplish what Go Beyond can

Freezen Negro

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My mom

Light has more wits than any of them and a notebook he won't doubt using.


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Light could never kill Goku because his real name is Kakarot

Light could never kill Goku because Goku is an animal

Saitama would beat all these chumps, but then he'd slip on a banana peel and knock himself out, resulting in a draw.

Shiki can kill Goku and Saitama
And even if Light wrote his real name, he would just kill his own death

Goku would lost by default because he would let somebody else strike first.

Saitama would theoretically win but he would probably get called home before he can finish killing anybody because Geno almost died getting a cat out of his home.

Finally, Light would write Shiki's name in the Death Note only for it to kill either a sister fucker whose body is being taken over by a vampire or a knife obsessed girl that imitates elevator sounds. At which point Shiki would kill him.

This would depend heavily on whether Light can get Goku's and Saitama's names. Furthermore, I have no idea if Goku's name would work, or if he would have to write Kakkarot.
Shiki would be a problem for Light, because he operates in the shadows, and thus knowing either his face or his name would be quite difficult.

As for Shiki, killing Goku wouldn't be possible to him, I guess, since Goku isn't from Earth. At least, I seem to recall the MEoDP didn't work on alien stuff. I have no idea if that has changed.
Regarding Saitama, he might be able to see the lines on him, but that might fry his brain.
Light would be easy to cut, but finding him would be quite difficult.

As for Goku and Saitama, leaving their personalities aside and assuming they're there just to kill each other. I'm not quite sure. I suppose it might depend on who strikes first. Both might have problems finding either Light or Shiki.

Light can only kill humans with the Death Note so Goku's immune to it by default

Light probably can't even write the right kanji for Shiki's name

Takatou yogiri could beat them all without doing anything. Light would die before he could even finish writing his name in the death note.

that's not how you are supposed to do it