What's your go to comfy rewatch?

What's your go to comfy rewatch?

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Grimgar or Horimiya
no, older shows are not comfy for me


I could watch it 10 times more and I would still find it fucking amazing.

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you posted it

whenever i move, i always make sure to watch FLCL in my new living room to make it home

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i want to impregante the glasses girl

Kill Me Baby or Gintama

FLCL's opening scene is genuinely my favorite ever, that Pillows song slowly rising in volume in the background just sets the mood perfectly for what's to come

tenchi universe

the soundtrack's amazing, the characters are great, there's nothing to hate about it and i'd love to re-watch it some time

that or the haruhi movie because i re-watch it every year with you lot

I start out drinking in time with the movie, then I enjoy the ride.

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natsume, spice and wolf, or denetsu no yuusha

Princess mononoke
Book of kells

Owari no Seraph.

Flcl as well. Usually around christmas

To be honest? Just because

Legend of the galactic heroes, then gaiden, then movies, then main series again

you actually find the time to rewatch a 110 eps OVA?? or do you just jump from one scene you liked to the next?

God I wish I had been molested by a hot smoking homeless arsonist child molester girl with dick sucking lips when I was younger

it's not too late to find one down the gas station

I'm too old now, wouldn't be hot anymore. Just sad and pathetic, for both of us.

I couldnt finish gambling apocalypse. Will i like akagi or will i just get filtered? I want a little hope in a series..

100+ episode shonenshit

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GuP and SnW

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Durarara and hyouka.

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