Gridman Universe

Gridman x Dynazenon is getting a movie next year featuring a time skip and most of the old characters from both series returning. Expectations?

>Returning cast:

>Gridman: Hikaru Midorikawa
>Yuta Hibiki: Yuya Hirose
>Takara Rikka: Yume Miyamoto
>Shou Utsumi: Soma Saito
>Manaka Yomogi: Junya Enoki
>Yume Minami: Shion Wakayama
>Koyomi Yamanaka: Yuichiro Umehara
>Chise Asukagawa: Chika Anzai

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Why do people watch this series? Genuinely curious.

i want to marry and impregnate multiples times the gridman girls.

This but with boys.

The girls literally, every month or so new merch comes out for coomers to buy. The beach/pool episodes are always the highest rated so far

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I hope they make Yuta x Rikka canon

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With Gridman I had nothing else to watch. Dynazenon I like Yomogi, he is cool

We've been through this. Rikka prefers girls.

Teenage pregnancy, is now or never

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We'll see if the movie confirms your headcanon or not

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But the only girl she liked was Akane, a vision of herself.

>Blue eyes
Yuta will finally be himself for the movie. He is basically a new charcater so i wonder how he'll act. So far is only known as the TIGHT MAN who defied Akane's system. Maybe he has powers after all because being so horny you can defy god is kind of silly

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>No Gauma
Understandable, he basically merged with Dynazenon in the end.
>No Akane
Anemiya said multiple times she finally found peace and her story is over so i'm glad.

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I wonder how well will the movie do in Japan. Anemiya said if the west wanted the movie they would need to show how much they want it. Which is never happening because the fanbase is non-existent here

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i'm here

It's fun

I only want to see Chadmogi fucking the autism out of Yume in a full feature format.

Who do you want to see interact the most?

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Yume is more denki now that they are dating but the autism is part of the full package

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It doesn't really matter to me, they have done a good job in both series to make realistic and satisfying interactions with mostly literal who characters. I just hope the movie still has time for that instead of just being 1 1/2 hour of toku fights.

Yume/Rikka and Utsumi/Koyomi

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More Yuta x Rika by Ankoman please