Is this guy the worst detective in fiction?

Is this guy the worst detective in fiction?
>pulls split personality theory out of his ass
>assumes tenma is guilty just for being in the vicinity of the murders and because his very obviously vindictive ex said so
>think's tenma's other personality is named Johan despite Tenma being Japanese
>never bothers to check the hospital or news records proving that there was indeed a Johan who fits Tenma's story

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imagine being french lmao

He's german

Even worse

I mean it kind of makes sense when you put yourself in his shoes, would you really believe a patient kid who just woke up from brain surgery managed to kill all of the hospital's upper staff, unnoticed and without leaving a single trace?

Sure but the way he just writes it off and then comes up with some retarded split personality theory for Tenma makes him an idiot

overrated shit

From his perspective Tenma greatly benefited from the death of the director & head surgeon, he definitely looks like someone with a motif, not to mention that he sticks out like a sore thumb, being a foreigner and all.

Retarded mutt subhuman

Tenma had motif. It's either him or some 4D chess player ghost kid. Lung is best detective because he takes Ocaum's razor to the extreme.

Isn't it about time for you to get raped by a pack of arabs?

>be retarded jobber 99% of the story
>redeems himself in the last chapter going full based hero
Bravo kurosawa

Literally just Fugitive but a manga


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OP is french.

>Cop laser focuses on a suspect and motive, ignoring all contrary evidence at the detriment of everything else in the case
Sounds pretty realistic

Not the worst, but he's just another member of the
>Overzealous detective doing anything to get a conviction
trope, which sadly is extremely realistic as well

Would have work in umineko.

At least Lunge genuinely believes Tenma did it, a lot of real cops pull that shit just so a really shocking case can be closed asap before the bigwigs start bitching at them

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He had hubris, regardless of how much he tried to be le epic human computer. It's hard to admit that you were chasing a false lead when it seems so obviously correct.

he is meant to be "incompetent" because he is a depiction of real cops sticking to their bias and bureaucracy. so he only has any progress when he goes on vacation and decides to go against every standard cop procedure to solving a case.
all your points are bad though. like he had valid reasons for believing tenma was a killer and so did everyone else in germany besides nina and eva (who were physically present for johan's crimes). anyone else who believed in tenma just had a gut feeling he couldn't possibly be a serial kiler.
Eva's testimony was HUGE exactly because she witnessed the only moment that Johan and Tenma were in the same place at the same time. Mind you, Johan as a criminal, not just as a college kid having a secretary job. so put yourself in lunge's shoes and consider if you'd really believe this fairy tale story

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