Chainsaw Man

How did he manage to be a better character than Asa with less screentime?

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first for nayuta

Fujimoto waifufagging ruins his own manga

Because the best chapter of Chainsaw Man was dedicated to him. Such a weird choice to do literally nothing with him after.

I already like Yuko more than Asa

stop bullying asa
she is kind innocent and sweet girl


She is none of those
She is rude, jaded, a bitch, a whore, and a satanist

shut up yoru

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I love my pure virgin wife Yoru

>part 2 ends with Asa blowing her brain out to kick Yoru from controlling her

I love you Potato (no homo)

cause you are a faggot dick lover, i am pretty sure
Jack is Asa, Yoru is Tyler.
I am surprised that no one has mentioned Fight Club yet.

>fight club invented double personality disorder
dumb amerifats

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>Aldo is better character than Asa
>Durrr is because youre a faggot of course
Asafags, everyone

You reek of smarmy cunts that think you're being deep and sophisticated for liking boring shit no one cares about, kys.

Eri watching Fight Club in "Goodbye Eri"

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Well the promotional art for this part has Chainsaw Man sawing Asa's brain in half, and the very first thing he does after appearing is sawing a brain in half

At this point I'd be surprised if that isn't how they get defeated

dont take it too seriously
>dumb amerifats
also me Mexican hola amigo tacos
oh nyoooo i should have not posted that pic
>i left half your brain intact
now everyone will know that HACKmoto ctrl c+v Fight Club

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Based Aldochad

>Denji performs brain surgery to separate Yoru's side of the brain from Asa's and save her life
>Asa has only half a brain now so she's a drooling cripple in a wheelchair who can only grunt and waggle her arms
>needs Yuko's help to piss, in a stunning ironic turn typical of Fujimoto
>Denji considers this successful anyway and leaves
>close up of Asa's eye with Yoru smirking in it because dumbass Denji can't tell right from left and destroyed the wrong half
>fade to black, roll credits

My girls

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>fight club invented double personality disorder

so Yuri is clearly an assexual/has no sex demon right? if it was a male demon he would fuck the shit out of Asa

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she made to be bullied
lol exactly i hope Fujimoto subverts everything and has denji body asa and war no dif

Pochita holy water

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What a minute

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