One piece

Rank all yonko including the lazy-yonko

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Nami's tits
Big Mom

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What's her endgame?

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Roger > Rocks > Blackbeard > Shanks > Luffy > Whitebeard > Kaido > Big Mom > Hancock > Sabo > Shiki > Buggy

>Nami's tits

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Post Cute and Canon

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Finding a husband

yonko? never heard of them

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Carrots feet are the only yonko I care about.


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>Finding a husband

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Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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discord gg/XUJ2CHcX

If Mihawk just wants to live in Peace, why is he treated as a pirate with a 4b bounty?
What did he do?

I love Uta and One Piece!

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once EoS hits, we'll get plenty of One Piece spin-offs done by smaller manga writers and artists, what would your dream spin-off look like

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ain't clicking that, nikka

The grand anthology of Robin's fucks throughout her life and on all islands

Bellamy confirmed.
Trannies and furries BTFO.

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something focusing on Ulti and Page1.
something set in the future with Tama and Momo

Will Doffy finally turn over a new leaf and find a dream of his own now that Luffy beat the stuffing out of him, similar to how Luffy rekindled Crocodile's spirit and gave him the strength to go against Akainu himself?


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If Big Mom fights Zoro with Napoleon and Mihawk is watching. Big Mom defeats Zoro because her overwhelming power so who is Mihawk calling the better swordman?

Nakama? Tama

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What's Nami thinking?

Imagine Croc fighting Akainu for Luffy, my dick would get so hard

he already did that

I have a man's dream, I have a man's hope!!!

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No because we've had glimpses of him in prison and he's the same old Doffy he always was, no change of heart or enlightenment

He was a very VERY bad hawk before his government days. You hear stories about how the government recruits hackers who are good enough to hack them. For Mihawk it was similar but instead of hacking it was relentless murder and no one could stop him…
>except shanks
>who has special ties to the government
>legendary clashes with Mihawk
>These were over Shanks defending marines
>my brain just now realizing this as I type this post
Fuck Shanks. Government Dog and Snitch Bitch. He let Ace die and sold Tom out to the government just like he did Luffy

Hunted marines

BP's daily life with Jack as the protagonist
Charlotte's daily life with Brulee as the protagonist

It would probably be a draw if she tries to do it with Napoleon alone.

Why did he start hunting marines if he wanted peace

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Current authors of Jump are told to write OP spinoffs instead of their own manga, what will it be? For Hori I want something with lots of women.

Mother and son bonding time.

He literally already did

He wants peace now because he's the best and there aren't even viable challengers

God damn these threads are so comfy after Yamatroons got btfo

>One Year ago

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