Yozakura family

yozafam get anime adaptation

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ded series
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Bros we finally did it. Now hopefully it's not a shitty studio like Pierrot or something.
This would've fit the arts type of Bones or something, but I doubt it's gonna be them.

Existbro.... WE WON

hope you don't get toei.

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i hope they still use same voomic va's

So at this point everything that lasts for 2 years in WSJ gets an anime adaptation.

hsf anime when?

Does this manga even exist? Ive never seen a single panel nor have seen ANY mention of it outside of weekly TOC threads.

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The fact they rarely do long animes anymore helps.

Yozafam just had its third anniversary.

We'll get toei and we know it.

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This was last series for Shueisha to adapt. The next anime will be Psyren.

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Jump is really desperate because nothing is taking off in sales after JJK. They are just going to animate everything to see if anything becames a big hit.

Another Jump shit aimed at 13 year olds.

I sleep.

Congrats to all 3 yozakurafags

Manga like this or Undead Unluck would be axed at 10 volumes max years ago and now they are getting anime adaptations, lol.

It doesn't say anything good about the current state of Jump.

We fucking won.

We exist...in anime!

In what world is this a popular manga? I thought that we would announce something about Frieren (that he teased yesterday).

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*he would announce

great news, maybe the begining of spy trend

Damn, 2019 to the end of 2020 really had nothing huh

Predict which series getting anime next:
High School Family
The Elusive Samurai
Witch Watch
Blue Box

Frieren is different magazine/publisher
YozaFam was oldest series without anime in WSJ

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