Happy Birthday to Aoi today.
There's also a new episode of DP today so let's get excited about that too.

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>this thread was made three seconds before the other one
Let's use this thread.


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I miss TR-miru...

Once upon a time, that was the usual arbiter.

Also this thread is a birthday thread so that's another point in its favor.

We all do, my dearest user

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Splash Star?
More like Splash Shit.

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Kokone and Kome-Kome episode next week.

So many "baby fairy" episodes, both in Precure and Primagi.

honorary aromatic armpit thread

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Primagi barely had two episodes about the baby

Should've included "lately".
Last week was a Komekome and Pampam episode, this week is a Flash Element episode (Primagi), next week includes Komekome again.

There has never been bonus points to be had that would put a trailer into the lead, only the occasional disqualification.

I really love Macaron's transformation theme

I found a streaming site that hosts the entire Korean dub for Maho, but between the lousy video quality, the unskippable ads, and being able to understand far less of it, I think I'd rather just rewatch it the normal way. Seems like a pretty faithful dub though, the dialogue seemed to be mostly the same and they do their best to adapt the names, although the only name change I understand is Mirai turning into Mirei. Mofurun is called Kureumi, which makes me wonder if Korean shares the word for kig.

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I remember someone posting a link with a compilation of Korean scenes from Precure, I couldn't find it but I did find this playlist after a quick search:

It indeed seems pretty faithful, Erika stood out to me because of how close her voice-type is to the JP original.

Damn that is really close. They're not all winners though; Korean Kururun makes me wonder why they didn't just recycle the JP audio.

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With how the two language have closely related words, maybe the name is just a callback to the Japanese word for stuffed toy (nuigurumi), since as far as I know the Korean word is completely different. The part of that word in common with kigs (the "gurumi" from kigurumi) has the same origin (包み) and the same vague sense of inside-outside relativism but hardly a perfect parallel.

How the fuck did I forget the word ぬいぐるみ, thank you user, that's what i should have been thinking of.
>包み can be read as くるみ instead of つつみ

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It's a largely unused anymore, I wouldn't bother trying to remember it. In this case it was just handy to pin down the etymology.


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Well I'm adding it to my flashcard definitions anyways.

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Prettycures are so pretty

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I am. Gonna get a pizza to eat while watching today