Imaizumi Deep chapter 6

Dumping chapter 6, which just came out.
In the last chapter, Imaizumi was coerced into cross dressing both as a punishment and with the promise of a reward. His apparently protective older brother came up check up on him, and saw what was happening. At the same time, Ruri's lackey Tsutsumin caught him spying, and reported to her queen.

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Backstory on Tsutsumin is interesting. I assumed she was homicidal or self harming, but apparently she channeled her destructive impulses into taking out the trash.

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Imaizumin's such a slut

Meanwhile big bro is kinda weird. Doesn't want to reveal himself to his little brother, kinda treats his girlfriend badly. He's the example of manliness that their father approves of, huh?

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Is it just me, or does Reina kind of have dirty old man vibes here? It works for her, though.

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Yeah, but he's a pure slut. He's never the one who suggests fucking, he just immediately agrees whenever they ask.

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Poor waitress-san

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She's fucking strong

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Brother is horny for crossdresing Imaizumi

Can you blame him?
If we don't get crossdressing play in the next h-chapter I'm gonna be disappointed.

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Ruri-Sama looking very regal

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I just realized Ruri is wearing a ponytail, just like Tsutsumin demanded in one of those extra comics.

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He's so fucking cute

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Really big fan of how best girl always has her arm around Imaizumi.

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Imaizumi really is manly.
Could you admit to your older brother you let yourself be dressed up like a doll with the promise of sex?

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Just a bit of a push, no rape here

Practically a marriage proposal

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I like how Ruri and Mari just don't give a single crap about the conversation despite seeting it up.

Poor Keichiro

Rape is bad. Imaizumi shouldn't be raped.
But that scene in the third hentai chapter where Reina gets his legs over his head and forces him to creampie her is pretty good stuff.
Also this page is great too. Look how smug she is.

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Ruri is intense.

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Imagine if the genders were reversed. Watching your precious imouto get corrupted by a bunch of chads.

Imagine trying to step to this rich bitch

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No thank you.

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