Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

SuiKarinbros, is it our time?

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Death flag.

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Cute snek

I hope this fight has a good budget and they animate it soon.

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It was inevitable. Karin can't just ignore those shark teeth for the rest of her life. My boy Suigetsu finally scored!

The Raikage poster finally convinced me to subscribe to RaikageArt.


>mindbroken so hard that you post in the wrong thread

Suigetsu is the woman of the relationship

>no sumire
>but including team 5

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there's no salad either. based shipfag haters

I love Denki!

Your eyesight reps?

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Yamatroons are not allowed to post here.

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solly, i don't rike ships, i brind

This is how the final dojutsu will look like.

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Yuck, bugs are so disgusting.

That's a shrimp.


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In your head, rent free.

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A bug, same with lobsters and crabs.