Character's main visual trait is creepy eyes with many rings around the pupil

>character's main visual trait is creepy eyes with many rings around the pupil
>Adaptation deliberately makes the eyes less creepy and distinctive
Whoa, so this is the power of Mappa...

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>character's main visual trait is creepy eyes with many rings around the pupil
>main visual trait
>creepy eyes
They're not creepy though. Maybe you need to re-read CSM.

They're objectively creepy even if you want to fuck her.


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>character main trait is her menacing and seductive personality
>makes her sound like a teenage idol

I want to fuck her, but her eyes aren't creepy though. How did you get that impression?

Zoomers first waifu

>menacing and seductive means you should constantly sound like you're in keikau doori mode

Because people don't have spiral energy eyes

Mappa means "trash" in Greek slang.

The problem is that Fuji's rough art actually helped Makima's design. Each circle on her eye being perfect makes her less unsettling. The only way to do it right in the anime would have like an Ed, Edd, & Eddy wobble effect on her eyes because right now it just looks like rinnegan, which definitely wasn't the image trying to be invoked.

Theres nothing "creepy" about this rinnegan rip off waifubait

To add
"It looks like she's either thinking of something horrible or nothing at all" - Angel Debiru, I think.

She's canonically supposed to be kinda creepy if you aren't mind controlled or retarded and there are instances where she does the Pic related autism stare and unsettles people. My utter headcanon is that she relies primarily on sniffing to sense people and her surroundings so she just points her eyes in the direction of people to not look weird most of the time. It's the difference between look at someone and looking through someone.

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That's crappas fault

She's a lot cuter in the manga

Nah she looked like garbage in the manga

The first teaser have those rings animated properly

just wait for that scene in the anime, retardbro

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Nigga,where are her lips and nose.She is basically a set of rinnegans and a dark souls female hairstyle whoaaaa am coooooming.This fanbase is so easily impressed

first time watching anime, cosister?

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Have you seen an anime in your life?