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The voice actor who voiced the two girls in the anime. In the anime's promotional broadcast, they discuss Majima, who appears in episode 8.
Both girls said in the broadcast how much they love Majima and how much they like the evil and cool character design. They are almost Majima fans.
They also liked that the scenes in the anime where they drink coffee and discuss the movie were very funny.
This made me understand in a way. Why women sometimes fall in love with terrible men.
Maybe strong aggression will make women feel safe and satisfied.

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So he's here to stay

1:01:22 真島さんの人気
Discussion about Majima at 1:01:22

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But he looks like a clown and is a walking stereotype.
It's such a boring character.

Dollar store Meme Oshino looking ass motherfucker

>BL bait psychopath character voiced by Fatsuoka
Too much for the average women, I guess

Fuck off with your headcanon bullshit, baiting retard

Nice top-tier coping there

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>Majima fans.
Majimachads are winning, the power of Kirito.

>Anzai and Wakayama talk all the time about how Chisato and Takina are so good together on the radio show
>Majima gets a short minutes long segment where they just say he's cool
They're not even trying to hide the bait anymore


Cope harder, yuricucks

>a solid hour of ChisaTaki fangirling before even a mention of Joker

OMG fellow Kaichad

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Kek, Mashitma is gonna be Kai'd

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I believe green-haired Kai will win next week. Just you wait.

Majima will own both main whores just like their CV said. Trust the plan.

>Majima-san no ninki mecha mecha takai's really over yurishippers... not like this.....

You're desperate

The copium.