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How does lifting weights and punching something increases haki which is will power? Shouldn't preTS Luffy have the highest will power thus strongest haki?

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Wano wasn’t as bad as people say it was.

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is this thread?

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yes it is a thread

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It doesn't

What's going to happen.
Stock prediction:
Cross Guild will plummet.
Buggy, Croco, Mihawk are an all time high. It's best to sell right now.

Marines are an all time low. Trust me buy it now. The SSG is gonna blow up.

Future predictions:
Shanks will lose to BB so that he can get a bounty improvement and solidify himself as the biggest threat and taking a Yonko for himself. No killing a tired WB and the remains of the WB pirates is just not enough.

Other prediction.
Cross guild will job to the marines. They were created to hype up the turning point for the marines.
>b-but muh Buggy factor
He will run away and leave Croco and Mihawk to their fate and join the strawhats again as the 10th member.

Give us more canon Uta you hack!

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There isn't a single Admiral that can take down Mihawk. Cross Guild is here to stay, until the end.

Post Cute and Canon

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You don't know the potential of SSG.

none whatsover please

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Blackbeard will steal the technology and marines will job again.

Mary Geoise doesn't span the entire Red Line. It's located at the exact opposite point of Reverse Mountain. The manga mentions crossing points for people to cross the red line and reach the other seas.


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>Wano wasn’t as bad as people say it was.
It is bad, don't lie about it.
>Shittily written characters (Yamato and Hiyori)
>Pointless characters that didn't need to exist if Oda could just write better (Yamato and Carrot and the Scabbards)
>Story lines that were set up but completely dropped (Smily cure, Kurozumis, Everything Zoro had going on, Nidai Kitetsu
>Pluton's location is revealed, literally fucking nothing is done with it besides Caribou hearing about it
>Kaido and Big Meme both job to fucking Magma

Yeah, just fucking no.

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I love the Pachy

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Never forget what he took from you

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A reskinned Carrot?

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Unironically better since she isn't a furry 100% of the time.
Yamato can turn off the furry, Carrot can't.

Cute couples. Why does this game have so many cute images?


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trio's full barafags please go away

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>actually shipping Ace with Tama
holy kek

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Where was it ever said that's the case?

>trio's full
Yes. With my dick.

she's gonna snap her shit up with that form

Cute Conqueror!

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>POV: you spread some peanut butter and yoghurt on your dick (Brook loves the calcium in the yoghurt)

It's pretty much killed One Piece...

You're right, it was worse.

You only snap when deadlifting with poor form liftlet.

>You now realize Ulti vs Nami was a battle between CoC users

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Who had the bigger coc?

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>Pluton's location is revealed, literally fucking nothing is done with it besides Caribou hearing about it
I mean that's the same as what happened in Fishman Island with Neptune, they're clearly endgame stuff. What you should be complaining about is that Robin hasn't read a single one of the poneglyphs we got from Big Mom or Wano.

Wano was the lowest point of One Piece.
Gear 5 and Film Red saved it.

I will die and Ultifag and nobody can stop me!

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It had very great highs but too many lows to many lows

Big Mom.

based, isn't it?

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That’s a comfy looking Jinbe

FUCK this nigger.

Did you buy your film Red ticket?
You better hurry because it's ending soon.

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Da fuck is that

How are a shitty retcon and vtuber shilling not the same garbage?

He is right

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Holy shit they aren’t being subtle at all

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I can't believe how many people were dead set on defending it and now that it's finally over they've completely flipped the narrative, though you still have some retards going "it was good just long"

Dance for me Tama

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>join the strawhats again as the 10th member.

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Ulti's the only actually good thing to come out of Wano.

The retcon is shit but the power is fun and cool.
Uta is a miracle of the universe and the greatest One Piece character.

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Too bad she died

I love Ulti's dumb hat

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>How are a shitty retcon and vtuber shilling not the same garbage?
Because Uta and her movie aren't canon.
But Wano arc and all of the shit in it is canon and it is just bad.

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Any info about volume 4/4?

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>keeps getting tricked into sexy posing for her bounty

Nami pls, you're supposed to be the smart one

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Happy saturday

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Uta canonically loves Luffy

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The only correct take on Wano

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