Dragon Ball Super

HERE is your score, Bejitasisters

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Why are you hiding behind a lizard, Gokektard?

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Celebrate while you can, Slurpzafag. Bejita is about to beat your lizard.

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Posting proper list because people are retarded:

Dr. Slump
Dragon Ball (anime)
Dragon Ball Kai
Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!!
Dragon Ball Super (anime)
Dragon Ball Super (manga)
Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection "F"
Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

>Not canon
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT (anime)
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Evolution
Dragon Ball Minus
Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Multiverse

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>GOKUGOKUGOKUGOKU out of nowhere

Bejita: *Rapes, kills and turns Goku's family into a meat paste*
Goku: Thanks for the fertilizer, my prince!

I LOVE burritos.

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uh oh. i soiled myself again.


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Frieza was totally chliling with Cell in hell like Kai showed oh and I guess Paikuhan is real too

Bejita: *gouges Goku's eyes*
Goku: Wow now I can train my Ki-sensing abilities all day!

>Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!!
I still don't understand why the fuck Toriyama has to keep pointing out Tarble exists every chance he gets when he hasn't and never will be used for anything.

> vs. Goku w/ Gohan, Krillin, and Yajirobe -
> vs. Cui - Win
> vs. Dadoria - Win
> vs. Zarbon - Loss
> vs. Zarbon - Win
> vs. Recoome - Loss
> vs. Jeice - Win
> vs. Ginyu (Goku's Body) - Win
> vs. Freeza - Loss
> vs. Android 19 - Win
> vs. Android 18 - Loss
> vs. Semi-Perfect Cell - Win
> vs. Perfect Cell - Loss
> vs. Cell Jr. - Draw
> vs. Perfect Cell - Loss
> vs. Pui Pui - Win
> vs. Goku - Win
> vs. Majin Buu - Loss
> vs. Kid Buu - Loss
> vs. Beerus - Loss
> vs. Freeza - Loss
> vs. Frost - Win
> vs. Magetta - Win
> vs. Cabba - Win
> vs. Hit - Loss
> vs. Goku Black - Win
> vs. Goku Black - Loss
> vs. Goku Black - Win
> and Goku vs. Merged Zamasu - Loss
> vs. Merged Zamasu - Loss
> vs. Jiren - Draw
> vs. Broly - Win
> vs. Moro - Loss
> vs. Granolah - Win
> vs. Gas - Draw
> vs. Freeza - Loss
> Current Record: 16 - 4 - 16

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Is this the strongest Earthling?

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The same score Bejichad has against Gokuck (3 to Cacarotto's 0).

Of course.

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Jajajaja, this is very funny, because "caca" is "poop" en el Espanol, senor.

You forgot Guldo.

Bejita lost and RAN from CHADly.


No. Now, Kuririn, on the other hand? Strongest human there is.

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>Speaking of women who fi-
I stopped reading there. Men are better and women are for breeding and cooking. Now find me a source that isn't cucked.

>Bejita: *gouges Goku's eyes*
>Goku: Wow now I can train my Ki-sensing abilities all day!
Heh. They will keep them from *whirr* discussing Dragon Ball all thread now.

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Continue coping, Tenshitcuck, SECOND least weak human.

Miss me Any Forums?

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Who is Tenshitcuck? I don't know anyone of that name. CHADCHADLORD is the strongest human, however.

Are you saved from Broly /dbs/?
Rick got me so I'm safe

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Stop being sexist.


Anybody wants to see more of them?

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>spics start to wake up
>thread quality suddendly plummets

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Tenshinhan kneels.

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No it isn't.
>t-that isn't-
Don't care.

Krillin is not a human

>being nice to Krillin's daughter
>only reason he says strongest *human* is because he is acknowledging that Krillin is the WEAKEST fucker there weaker than Goten and Trunks
KINGEMPERORDEITY would have won that tournament, btw.

You LOVE Jiren.

You LOVE Goku.

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Bejita: I'd like a girl who will call me her lover
Goku: I'd like a girl who can cook unlike any other
Gohan: I'd like a girl who looks & acts just like my mother
Bejita & Goku: wtf


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Goku fucking LOST.

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I got shaggy so I'm okay
in my dreams

And then you realize it's not even touching 5000

Just IMAGINE what kind of epic adventures the Chad of the Crane School was going on while he was flying solo. Travelling the fucking mountains and distant countryside like a kung-fu chad, writing wrongs, fighting demons, getting the bitches... WOW. I can't wait for his standalone movie to tell this story.

...but enough about Krillin.

That gif is from when he was vanquishing TWO members of the Ginyu Force at once. And it was easy for him.
CHADnon CHADnime.

Gokusister btw

>trying to steal data from the chads of Any Forums

Filler is filler.
Didn't mention Krillin.

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K, b.

DOGly lost (to) and RAN from Gogechad.

Broly never ran

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That's right. He was just overwhelmed by the sheer power of Dende.

>Goku plantó un banano bajo eo agua oara que la proncesa Serpiente quisiera ovular

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