Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

Will the twins win against Rovian, or will we witness a double job tonight?

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I love my wife Nanaho

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Did Rovian flatten Yudias? Seems like it and it would be hot, I wish I was him.

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75 percent chance yes, 25 percent chance no.

What are the chances Yuamu will get flattened too if she loses?

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I think it's just a ruse and maybe she likes having T-shirts with aliens on them or something.

Yudias could barely crawl under the gravity, how would he happen to get there that fast.

He had the entire morning and by the time he reached the castle, he's probably an easy target for Rovian.

Turned into a yugioh card? There's always a possibility.

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what a mysterious girl character.

Not even a ruse. No one claimed this to be actually Yudias.
The twins just jumped to conclusions.

They wondered why it looked like him but then the ship calls out for Yudias as if they knew it was him. I think that was why it was so convincing.

How can we figure out which goha character romin got with?

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Do we even know that this is a sequel?

Go Rush has been rather been heavy handed with time travel references but even if it was some kind of alternate dimension, they can always say suggest new things about sevens characters here.

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They're so incredulous.

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What are their expressions try to convey?

disbelief and disappointment.

They're disappointed of you.

Better question is how even found the castle unless someone got him instead.