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Reminder if you're attracted to Anya you're cringe and disgusting and if you're attracted to Becky you're based and normal

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Imagine trying to make babies with both of them!

Can these get filtered already?



Anya is cuter.


what would you like them filtered to?

What killed the hype?

Mods haven't touched word filters in like 7 years at least

Damian is cringe and disgusting, yea

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I can cancel the cringe by also being attracted to becky

More anime news tomorrow, right?

There's apparently some other good news too

Toddlerchads run this series

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no new chapter and season 2 not out till october :(

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I don't even remember when they filtered baka desu senpai

How did they make Anya so cute? I can't remember the last time i loved a character this much?

I want to harass Anya with my lewd thoughts!