JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

How would you rank the JoJo girls in terms of attractiveness? Which girls are attractive only on a physical level?

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I don't find Jolyne sexy at all. Maybe it's the toxic green hair and lipstick, or the fact that she reminds me too much of Joe Taro.

Reimi is the cutest.

Lucy ToT

What was Joseph's wife's name in part 2 again?
After her I'd put holly

Idk about other parts
I've only watched the first three parts

Lisa Lisa is the hottest!

She has an extra hole on her back too!

Anne >>>>>>> all

JoJo women are just men with bigger chests.

This,unironically. No jojo girl has made me feel as much as Lucy did

>totting over a 14 year old
She's basically a grown woman.


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>High Priestess
>Lucy Steel
>Lisa Lisa

foro fighters is My favorite
altough I really like sugar moutain too

I Forgot Daya
She too is pretty cute

>foro fighters is My favorite

If you girl can't do this, she need not apply.

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Tomoko Higashikata looked really good I thought

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Imagine what Jolyne could do with you in the bedroom though.

I miss early Jojolion bros

I like the pink girls.

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