Vermeil in Gold

Is it just me or does this show suck major ass?
I do like me both trash and horny anime, but i literally can't force myself to watch past the first two episodes because its so fucking boring to me. I'ts like they have forsaken anything that could have been remotely interesting for the horny, but they also forgot to make the horny good. At least have Vermeil have her horns always out, so theres ANYTHING interesting there.
Am i missing something? The general opinion seems to be rather positive for whatever fucking reason.

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You're gay and fat

We watch it for the kissing scenes. Also ep 6 and 7 is heartmelting.

This show has more romance and relationship development than 99% of romcoms.

It's sad but true.


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>The general opinion seems to be rather positive for whatever fucking reason.
You can say that for almost any show, because people with actual good taste dropped it long ago and don’t go into the threads.

That's not quite true. truly dogshit shows only have people who are hate watching it. You can easily tell which these are by the quality of the threads

Do you have a particular example for a good kissing scene in mind?
So far all of them were Vermeil forcing herself on the guy in exactly the same way, and half of the time it literally just cuts away.
And when does that development start more or less? Because so far i've only developed anoyance with the worldbuilding and the entire second episode in particular


Later on they go from kissing solely for mana to kissing because they genuinely like each other. The MC is less of a pussy than you'd expect.
You're not going to get a revolutionary story with great writing, but did you honestly expect that shit from the cover image? It's a magic ecchi with some fun characters.

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>tfw they're going to get to THAT part in the manga in 2 eps

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Post sexy kaichou Elna and sexy dragon rider Chris

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>At least have Vermeil have her horns always out
with or without horns her voice stays the same and THAT can keep me erect for hours.

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Well, maybe i'll watch a few more eps to see if i get a taste for it, but i won't get my hopes up.
Also, i didn't really expect anything worldshaking, but i'd at least expect that the show doesn't contradict itself in the same episode. Like, the MC states in no uncertain therms that his goal is to get into the super special VIP mage club, only to be handed a fetch-quest which would probably get him at least a tiny bit closer to that goal, only to immediately do everything in his power to not complete it, despite being incredibly easy for him and his familiar. What even is the point of that, other than to waste 10 minutes or so?

The Bakarina voice kills the boner for me.

I was honestly pretty disappointed when i heard her voice for the first time, i expected something sounding more mature, i guess.

I kinda like it, because she technically isn't mature. She's a demon from long ago. So she spent most of her life "running away". She's still getting her bearings from being unsealed and being cast into this new world. I mean she's older than Alto but not necessarily older. Like maybe 21-25.

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So, are there any alternative links to read the latest manga chapter?

>not having the brother as Alto
wasted opportunity

Watch it for Chris!

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can't wait to see this in the anime

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does the prez join the harem?