Be Katanagatari

>be Katanagatari
>written by popular author Nisioisin
>have one of the most SOUL adaptation out there
>loved by every single soul who watched it
>still nobody knows it
Seriously, what went so wrong
And don't say episode four, you know you loved it

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I'd prefer if good sword stories remain relatively obscure

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She won.
She fucking won.

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Can you stop making low quality greentext threads? Lots of people know it

guns are way better than swords

Is it still not available on any streaming platforms? That's probably why very few newfags get into it.

post your favorite OST

big titty princess
was she supposed to be foreign?

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>extremely popular 12 year old anime you've just watched because you started watching anime 6 months ago and are working through the top rated on myanimes
'people' like you should stick to currently airing shows

>loved by every single soul who watched it
At least until it made them angry. Which, let me check.... yep, still furious.

>extremely popular
Literally false, Any Forums is the only place where people actually know what it is, everywhere else if you name it people just think they missed a season of monogatari

Talk to more people. No, normalfags don't count.

not really. she just followed him a little. they didn't hook up or anything. shichika lost his one true love and will die having only loved once.

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>shichika lost his one true love and will die having only loved once.
That multisword lady he killed?

no, the woman who showed him how to live: togame.

ending suck

Vast vast majority of people know nothing about it, why pretend otherwise?

i wish i was a fucking sword

nobody knows about it bro, most people say 'oh I didn't like bakemonogatari' or 'oh I haven't seen that'

his better works are Forgetful Detective, the Saikyou series and Bishounen Tantei


this isn't popular
refer to

> That's probably why very few newfags get into it.

I'd say that + the fact that despite the action-y premise a large chunk of each episode is usually made up of dialogue scenes. I can see a lot of people starting to watch it because of that premise and then dropping out a few episodes in because they don't appreciate the slow buildup to the fights.