Made by most competent people in the industry

>made by most competent people in the industry
>already forgotten
Seriously what went wrong with Bubble?

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What do you mean by "forgotten"? Shut the fuck up you stupid faggot.

all style no substance

>>made by most competent people in the industry

Style over substance is the most expensive way to fail
Substance over style and budget is the cheapest way to success

All the amazing animations are just bright lights if it had nothing else

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>a netflix film
Say it ain't so.

Unironic answer:
It tackles like 3 times more story than a 2 hour screentime can handle. So it just feels like a animation technology demo rather than a piece of fiction.
1. romance - this was done well but SUPER rushed, the bubblegirl's death was kino not gonna lie
2. action parkour - all kino but it felt like it was there for the sake of visuals rather than a message
3. alien invasion, bubblegirl's sister, mystery of the bubble, teasing other galaxy adventures - THIS was absolutely orced ihnto the story, it HAD potential but then they HAD to have made it inot a 50 or AT LEAST 24 episode anime like Eureka 7 to really make it impactful.
Overall it felt awesome but confusing, this anime is good but it needed way more storytime to be memorable with the way it's written, I hear there's a manga out there maybe it explains it all better

Style over substance can work, it just has to be really cool, Bubble was just boring.

I forgot this was out, I'll watch it tomorrow

Only had about 3 well animated sequences with only a handful of noteworthy animators involved.

This was not a priority for any of the production studios involved. Just a commissioned straight to streaming movie.

Was obvious when it was announced that Takeshi Obata would do the character designs.

He's a fantastic artist but he's a Mangaka first and illustrator second. He's not the person you go to for designs meant for animation.

Which is why the selling point of the animation, the parkour, was limited to only about 4 or 5 sequences.

Not to mention the extremely dry script, plot and characters

It can, but most often, those styles had substances of their own

Like, for example: Hellsing had among the most cliche plot but the artist presented it in the style of a child in a carnival of over-the-top gore and blood

Kimetsu no Yaiba too was absolutely generic from top to bottom but goddamn, the thematic style of art and animation broke all bars. It's not just elemental powers - it's elemental powers in the style of both modern and contemporary Japanese art

The plot is plain stupid
>Fags can live normally but choose to stay in a deserted/forbidden area just for fun
>Fighting for supplies but people are having burgers everyday outside
>Can fall into water but never thought of wearing lifejacket
>Alien in bubble form fell in love at first sight with a kid
>Alien's sister aka the villain did nothing for years and only affected one area
Should have a bunch of criminals and illegal immigrants gather here instead of dumb teens.
In the end, the story and characters didn't leave any meaningful messages to the audiences nor does it have anything cool. The action/parkour part is just meh, there's nothing new nor inspiring about it. The color/texture part is inconsistent and because they use too much colors for too many scenes, it gets too complicated and there was no real highlights, or should I say the director wanted to highlight the whole movie. Ost isn't bad but it's only rememberable because it was repetitive.

The problem is I never even heard of it.

Would Bubble have worked out better if it was a series instead of a film?

Soundtrack was nice though.

It popped.

Yes unironically, make it a battle shounen-ish sci-fi kinda like Eureka7

nobody wants to watch gay shit about bubbles

>gay shit about bubbles
but it wasn't gay....

They forgot to hire a scriptwriter

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