There can be no straight explanation for this

There can be no straight explanation for this.

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You're an ugly, rotten woman.

Merely a coincidence. Same reason why they went with a generic yaoibait character design art style as well; just a weird coincidence.

You're either a mentally ill fujo or a friendless incel

Reuenthal is the true gaylord

Of course not, mecha is the gayest anime genre, even gayer than yaoi

>t. moeshitter

I mean Kircheis was screwing his sister behind his back. Maybe he was subconsciously jealous.


Don't mind the newfag's stupid posts

I once had a conversation with someone who was absolutely convinced that LoGH was not only a mecha anime, but was a precursor to Gundam and an inspiration to mecha as a genre.

He refused to believe me when I tried to explain that not only does LoGH have literally zero mecha in it (body armour doesn't count), but that it came out years after Gundam. To this day I wonder if he was the kind of stupid that would mix LoGH up with Mazinger Z or something, or if he was just a poseur talking out his ass.

I was one of those people. He never watched it, right? People who don't know better just assume it's related to one of the earlier Gundams based on the artstyle. You could kinda confuse the fighter pilot with Gundam pilots too.

it's amazing how confident people can be despite being completely wrong

i miss this fucker

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>alcohol is humanity's friend
alcoholic subhuman cope, there are no benefits for alcohol, it just ruins your health and psyche.

>generic yaoibait character design art style

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Pretty sure Reinhard also touches the hair of that kid who's his personal attendant. It's just how he displays affection for people close to him in his personal life, nothing gay.

Right here

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yea that's why it was a funny line you autistic freak

You'd need to have a best friend to understand.

So literally a normal face with drak hair and dark eyes is fujobait? What's not fujobait?

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