Engage Kiss

>multiple Kisara pantyshots
>multiple Sharon pantyshots
>not a single Ayano pantyshot
It's not fair. Ayano deserves some too. What do they have against showing Ayano pantsu?

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Is it just me or is this show getting way too slept on

I thought it'd just be typical haremshit of a bygone era but it's actually a really fun high quality show

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What does sex with a nun feel like?

Who the fuck would want to see an old grandma's panties...? You sick fuck


Yes, that's all correct.

Prove it

Its evident by her lack of panties compared to the other characters.... and further proven by the anime's dialogue, maybe pay attention instead of jacking off next episode

>further proven by the anime's dialogue
[citation needed]

Her age is listed on the official site man don't do this to yourself denial is not healthy

She's a main character, she deserves to have her panties shown at least once. If not, a traditional bra.

The exact number isn't listed, just that she's slightly older than Shu. And we know Shu's in his 20s, so Ayano should be in her late 20s at most.

And late 20s is within the age a human can become a grandma. What's the problem here?

I was a grandpa in my early 20s but that doesn't make me old. It's just a side effect of having a large family whose other members also have large families.

I fell behind but i'm finally caught up, wish I hadn't missed the threads for some of the wilder moments

Would have been kino if either Shu or Kisara actually died in the fight against armored Sharon

>killing off Kisara
>when she's literally the main girl and one of the poster girls for Engage Kill

Well ok Kisara is probably not an option but actually killing Shu would have been a pretty interesting direction to take it

Shu is confirmed to be in Engage Kill so he won't die, at least not in Engage Kiss. Ayano and/or Sharon are more likely to die considering they're not listed in that character list, but they are shown in the trailer so it's seemingly unlikely too.

That noel girl is cute

Here's a commercial for the game that has some brief gameplay footage.

does the MC ever engage and kiss anyone

Well kiss anyway, maybe he was engaged to Ayano at some point but I doubt it

The PV for next episode shows him kissing Kisara