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Why does Chisato wink so much?

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>No one gets together at the end of the anime/no ships are confirmed
What would the meltdown in the threads be like?

Is Chisato hairy down there?

For those who need official confirmation, their whole life is a meltdown. I mean, it won't be much worse than it usually is in Any Forums in general and in these threads in particular.

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Every time a show like this airs, my hate for yuriniggers grows stronger.

Chisato looked oddly genki the next day after having a great time with Mika.

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Forgot the picture sorry.

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Keep it up soldier.

touched her boob

Cause she knows she's sexy and is letting the audience know that you'll never be able to tap this.

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If only she's a bit cute... too bad.

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A whole lot of nothing, it'll end like the BeeTrain ones did, Chisato and Takina will be together but not explicitly "together", it's a sound decision for milking fans especially considering it's unexpected popularity.

chisato is a robot turned into a human.


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Delete Majima.

I mean Takina sorry.

Chisato's parents loves her very much.

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this show is pro gay and racemixing propaganda