No other anime mom compares

No other anime mom compares

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Please don't reproduce.

You’re projecting

>Please don't reproduce.

I think that's a given.

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Maa-kun really should have fucked her

A typical, overused comeback from a wounded loser.

Maa Kun should have watched her get fucked

He does in-game marry his mother in the final chapter.

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I dunno, I like rinko Iori better.

Why did the anime get a 5.55 on MAL?

>Pochi like Kamen Rider W
I feel like if she isn't busy or have a more stable health now, we would get a Tokime art from Pochi already

It didn't have incest and everyone felt betrayed

I feel like this is mostly the same thing that happens whenever people decide to downvote a game at Steam because some influencer it was bad.

Or maybe this is a way for some folks to reafirm to their conscience or whatever deity they believe in they don't want incest with momma.

Honestly for what I see is just the trope about a mother being incredibly doting and embarrassing to MC with the usual anime-required fanservice, and since most MCs are self-inserts...

I shall reproduce with my mom!
And your mom as well!

It didn’t have more mom NTR


The one episode wasn’t enough


I agree, there needed to be multiple ones or an on-going plotline through the entire series.

The bandit should have been a recurring villain

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