Spy x Family

>superspy with a bodycount in the triple digits
>married to a gorgeous chick
>still hasn't had sex with her
>in fact hasn't had sex with anyone in however time the manga has taken
Is Loid the anti-Shinzo Abe?

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Yuri > Twilight

No one must have sex with or kiss anyone or be in a real relationship, everything must be shipping only and fanservice. This is what sells

if you havent had sex youre literally not married, this is the way it used to work at least

because Twillight is purifying his soul and body before having sex in the missionary position with Yor for the sake of procreation.

Their relationships are strictly platonic. Have you actually read the manga? They only pretend to be the family. The only one actually wanting it to be the real deal is Anya

I can't wait for Mashu (Lore of Spy) to get animated.

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>superspy with a bodycount in the triple digits
I doubt Loid's bodycount is that high, even taking into account his time in the army. Yohr's on the other hand...

Yor is going to rape him

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she could but she won't.
She's like most women who want to be submissive, not the contrary.

So the only hope is for Sylvia to order Twilight to impregnate Yor?

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In Japan, being a prostitute is preferable to recreational sex

This explains why there have been so many fun and wholesome prostitute/whorehouse manga in the last few years.

Having sex isn’t part of the job

>I doubt Loid’s body count is that high
Don’t count out Roland just yet. We don’t know exactly how long he was in the army for nor do we know how many kill-related missions Twilight had to take in the past 10 years. Though Yor probably has a higher kill count after looking at the damage she caused on that cruise.

New chapter when?

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Isn't it 2 days from now?

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bodycount meaning sexual partners

It’s Sunday. Don’t miss the thread.

Lads im a brainlet

Where can i read the series in full

Then Twilight is in the double digits at least. He’s been in countless relationships with dozens of women. Yor has a body count of 0 obviously.

Its probably on every single site at this point. Pick one

Nyaa has torrents for the whole lot in the literature category

Don't use euphemisms like that when talking about characters who have killed