Akio Watanabe

What's your opinion on Akio Watanabe's character designs? I think they're very sexy.

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I liked the bandaid in Shinobu's you-know-where

His designs are great and always have been. Do wish his pre-Monogatari designs would pop up more often though.

The quintessential moe design

He used to be better in the 2000s but I like to see he still knows what's good.

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His designs peaked with The Soultaker and I'm waiting for him to do designs for another show with a similar aesthetic.

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wait... what's under sakura's bandaid then?!

Granny panties.



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>posts a character with microcephaly

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his designs are the only good thing from Sotsugou

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do zoomers really?

I bet if he was the character designer for Komugi R, it could be been less of a flop

I found out he did sakura porn, so fucking based

I just want more popotan...

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>This will never be translated

They are indeed sexy, cute and appealing. His art still retains some that old-school 2000s charm even now.

In an interview a while back, he said that Tatsuya Egawa's (Golden Boy mangaka) designs are most likely the basis for his style; he worked on an adaptation of one of Egawa's manga, "Magical Taruruto Kun" in 1992, early on in his career. Does anyone see where he's coming from with this?

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Why does she wear the band-aid?

It's moe

If I peeled it off, would she die?

She's a big girl.

for us