What the fuck is her problem

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she's just like me fr

based femcel

She is a teenage girl

Already better than Denji

I doubt in the history of the world a female thought something like this, but it was literally me incarnate in school.

She's like every edgy narcissist highshooler who thinks he's better than everyone, except female.

Femcel exist if you look hard enough.

guy who has never talked to a woman in his life...

So we gonna see the four horsemen of the apocalypse this time round?
Already have the war devil, whose hunting for Denji.
Maybe we'll be introduced to Hunger and Death soon enough?
Pretty high stakes considering they'd be on par with Makima

The irony, you thirsty motherfuckers are the living proof woman can't be lonely there's always some desperate guy

I know they exist because that's my sister, don't project your inc*l fantasy.

she's literally me!!!

Your sister could have any man on this very forum as her pet if she wanted to the only reason she's lonely it's because she wants to be

She's right at the first two scenes. Some people are just inconsiderate

Looks like your typical kid who's too proud to ask to hang out with people, but too lonely to look away. They usually mellow out by freshman year in college latest.

>there's always some desperate guy
Desperate people are usually desperate because they're ugly, femcels don't want to interact with ugly people.

Why would anyone want an user? Being lonely doesnt mean desperate

DM me her instagram man

You could also be a boytoy to some 60+ years old somewhat senile grandma who likes to stalk her neighbour but you probably won't right?

If she WANTED it's there men have nothing there waiting that's my point

That's a very unrealistic example there isn't a lot of 60 years old wanting me, but there is lot of desperate men wanting to save the lonely girl tho