I'm fighting for no free Healthcare at home

>I'm fighting for no free Healthcare at home

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it really do be like that


Yes free

Perfect, means more subhumans will die.

As in Americans?

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Is that…a…a…chart

Nothing in this world is ever truly free, you self-entitled leftard.

too complicated for your "white" brain?

>I'm fighting for the American Way of life.

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Shut up

Why do Americans let themselves get systematically exploited by their medical insurance industry?

Does everyone at the hospital work for free? That's cool.

Things that America is shit at:
Providing universal healthcare.
Stopping children getting shot at school.

Anything else?
Their pubic transport is usually shit too.

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At least he’s not Canadian, he’s be fighting to get euthanized

being white

He was fighting to shoot some goat-fucking towelheads. Did you not read his book?
OP is a faggot as usual.

>I'm fighting for the bottom line of the banks

Infrastructure generally is an absolute desaster, public education is quite bad overall, bcs of the financing system, life expectancy is dropping, not just bcs of healthcare, work culture is abyssmal etc.

>blocks your and your entire family's path

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So then Zero health care. Is it also illegal to care for yourself at home? Because that has a cost.