James Bond is dead

>James Bond is dead
>Queen is dead

Bad time to be a Bong.
If Mr. Bean dies I'm gonna fucking end it all.

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London calling to the far away towns, war is declared now battle comes down

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I'm a queen

should i stay or should i gooo

James Bond died when Daniel Craig was cast in the role

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The English deserve everything that is coming to them for what they did in Africa, Asia and America. Many proud POC killed or made to be slave by the anglo. No people is so vile and evil.

Giving brown people internet was a mistake

The best James Bonds were Scottish and Irish. The queen always sucked though.

I love bongs more than any nationality in the world. It's a travesty to see them hate their kin and country, their heritage, their history and themselves. I never hear anything positive or good from bong posters either. Never hear bong government praised. Never hear a bong lass be called pretty. You were an empire. An eschelon of culture and intelligence by a mere century ago. What a complete travesty. Each and every one of you needs to stop self-hatred and apply yourselves lads, go to the gym, make some dosh and get at the world like real gentlement of the past.

>The queen

>a bong lass

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Typical. There are many more nationalities (if such a thing even exists) that are interesting; Rwandha, Morocco, Algeria. Don't only think of white coutries you come off as very racist

I've never watched anything Mr.Bean but am interested. Where is a good place to start?


Oh you mean just like the Roman Empire did it to the British? How they brought language, culture and civilization to a tiny island that then became an empire itself?

You know what destroyed the roman empire? Diversity. By allowing multiple nationalities, which were conquered, into the senate, the empire has imploded both on a micro and macro level.
You know why bongers hate themselves and their culture is dying? Diversity. Life is a pendulum that swings back and forth.

you sound like a cuck, you finally get to have a King and you are sitting here being a pathetic faggot because some old kike loving vampire who refused to give up her power, had just died. you should be celebrating because now Britain has a King and the Kingdom shall be restored to its former glory.

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Moore was the best

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There are no new Lord Of The Rings stories left to tell.

There are no new Star Trek stories left to tell.

There are no new Marvel Studios stories left to tell.

There are no new Batman stories left to tell.

There are no new Star Wars stories left to tell.

It's over. Move on.

still better than a average projects resident, if I have to pick between pakis and nogs you know where youre at

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still better than LA whores and bums


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