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True. It filtered Any Forums too.

the truck delivery scene was kinda nail-biting and tense

The problem is I don't want to relate to it. I don't want to relate to that ugly dweeb, and I don't want to be memed into thinking Alana Haim is some desirable temptress. The age discrepancy only makes it more uncomfortable, I feel like this movie is for fourteen year olds.

But you do relate to it, and Alana Haim is cute. Give in

It's a hard sell, user. I want to be Daniel Day-Lewis.

>try american "licorice"
>doesn't contain anything derived from the licorice plant

What the fuck man?

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You mean twizzlers?

She looks human in drawings but IRL she's a fucking monster.
I don't think it's a coincidence yids look as evil as they act

I’ve watched it so many times. It’s just a world I want to stay in.

>very Jewish nose!

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>a film should challenge the viewer!

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>first curry banana pizza
>now licorice pizza
what the hell is going on in sweden? did muzzies buck break their brains along with their tongues?

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licorice pizza is slang for a vinyl record you dumb zoomer

T r a s h

>the world is sunshine and rainbows and love exists and films should reflect that

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that does not make much sense, user...

it’s a black pizza sized disc, how does that not make sense?

are you fuckin retarded?

Do they ever listen to a vinyl record in the movie? Do they even talk about music?

They discuss vinyl, the material, and how it's affected by the oil embargo. That's all

>Alana Haim is cute

this is an even worse troll than Hunter Schaefer supposedly being a woman

I would make her my wife

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