Just watched neon demon. what did i think of it?

just watched neon demon. what did i think of it?

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You wished it was starring ryan gosling instead

anyone kind of pronounce neon demon like a rhyme?
ne-on de-mawn

not a great film to be honest. try this

when i have my weekly discussion with my friends on this particular movie i pronounce it neen demeen

You thought that if you were that young girl you would have just done the lesbian thing with Jena Malone so you wouldn't have ended up as food.

Why is this movie being brought up all of a sudden?

I wish I was white

probably gone pay per view somewhere for zoomer normies

what the hell is that?

But you are not. The white man carries the burden of preserving civilisation, advancing it and the survival of the species. None whites just sit around fapping whites and begging them for food.

meds, takem

This guys Future. Here's another one for you

There's no way Abbey Lee would be jealous of Elle because of her looks.

Get to work

Most whites now are fat, lazy and stupid.

Well it is a fairly bland film user. 4/10 territory it is neither shocking, sexy, depressing, profound, insightful, scary or interesting it is none of the things it wishes it was. Its a bit of edged tits and ass with a weak plot

Maybe maybe and that was always true but a few thousand whites and the next thing you know you have railways and aviation and nuclear fusion

one of the most brutal moggings ever captured

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I wish i was a half-Chinese hapa

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who is mogging who here? the girl on the left has a bunch of stretch marks, probably from being fat

>I wish i was a half-Chinese hapa
U gay user?

Elle mogs anyone in her presence.

r i c e d
c h a n g e d
h a p a - e d

is he right?

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