Why did they need a big gandalf for?

Why did they need a big gandalf for?

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me on the left

Probably for party shots to accentuate his height.

The forced perspective thing on the chariot (or whatever you call it) looked amazing. I'm guessing it's something like that.

Scenes with hobbits

Hobbit scenes

why didnt they just shoot gandalf on full greenscreen sets and not even properly plan the shots or what theyre doing

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More than forced perspective, the giant ring was used to make the ring look like it was unnaturally well polished.

It made ian mckellen cry so they had to stop using green screen sets.

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for you

You mean panty shots

Hobbit scenes

I went to the jeweler that made the rings for the movie and got to hold that massive ring a few years back.

For you

dishonest film making.

Did the jeweler eventually ask you to put it down and you clutched it to your chest saying " My Precious!"?


Its two cameras, dipshit.

It's pretty much impossible to film something the size of a normal ring that close to the lens and still keep the background in focus unless you light it with like 10x the light of the sun
so instead of trying to light a mountainside they just use a bigger ring and moved it a few feet from the camera and Jackson could get the depth of field he wanted

it looks great though, i wonder if the chain getting picked up using a crane

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