Still the greatest zombie TV show ever made

Still the greatest zombie TV show ever made.
How do the Koreans keep doing it?

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It was good, but there was lots of dumb shit
>a few characters magically get this "evolved" virus that allows them to keep their personalities and yet still be zombies or some shit
>a teenage girl went to destroy smartphones to stop a video from being uploaded on a timer, even though she would know that the actual phone has nothing to do with that and the timer/upload is on the side of the service like Facebook
>they talk about how after a few days they will get tired from lack of food and water....then a few days later they are pretty much the same without the food or water
>the setup for season 2 was bad

>2 people having conversation for an hour while staring at the ground
every episode

The evolved virus was a bit on the nose (how do we show things from zombies' perspective lol), but they needed that to get to the second season.

I want to marry the bow and arrow girl.

Since they are making webtoons into films now they should pick more interesting ones.
I'd like to see this one.

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The only gook webtoons I like are wuxia/murim ones like Peerless Dad or Northern Blade, but I don't think they have the budget to make that work in live action.

This one could be nice. There has never been a show about necromancy, has there?

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wasnt overlord about a lich who didnt do anything related to lichdom?

please tell me they aren't going to do a season 2 of this with those super mutant zombies?

Faraway paladin has necromancy heavy in the backstory but the anime ended up being complete shit. just read the mango

Its too long. Could've been shorter

The novel was better. But desu it sucked at near the ending. Lots of plot holes

Season 2 has been confirmed. I don't know what it'll be about. I wish that it was just a one season story about high school kids trying to survive on their own at ground zero of a zombie outbreak.

>introduce character who apparently could give the MC a run for his money
>they only into each other like 3 arcs later when the MC has left him into the dust
>rinse, repeat
This is a worse power fantasy than isekai jap shit. He didn't struggle once after getting his cheat powers. The shit with the not-chimera ants was the worst blueballing ever.

>it sucked at near the ending
Most do. They just don't know when to stop when having a successful ip and stretch it too thin.
It's still doable by cutting of a lot of the sidestories but honestly, the amount of CGI to bring that one to life (

absolute garbage except maybe the beginning couple dozen chapters

It was fucking terrible. Stop shilling this gook trash.

How about this one? Would be pricey but they could give it the G.R.R. Martin-Routine and finish it in the authors stead.

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yea but now they're in a different room!

every movie or tv show ever is 90% talking.