Go-karts are saf-

>go-karts are saf-

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why didn't he throw a red shell at the other guy?

Dud he died?

That is probably a very shocking experience, but he got away very lightly.

>said no one ever
And that shithead was cutting inside and rammed the other kart and then acts like the other person is at fault

>over the age of 15
>still driving go-karts
fully deserved.

cool thirdworld karts

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No driving gloves. Simple mistake.

Yo Mr white let's go kart bitch

eeeh, not sure that's gonna help if a big metal vehicle bumps into your hand

>literally giving someone the finger

yeah he bled out and they couldn't get an ambulance on the track cause it only allowed karts

>the panicked looking around after he realizes it’s gone

and I thought getting a blue shell was bad!

>Mfw I lose my finger when gokarting

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How does something like this even happen

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you literally saw how

I've always hated go karts.

If you look closely when the kart went up and over his, his hand was under the wheel. The wheel took his finger into the well and off if went. Those things only have like a half inch gap between with a 50hp motor powering the metal wheels..

He pretty much turned a carnival ride into an industrial accident.

looks like the guy was purposely bashing the other cart, somehow got under it and the whole thing ended up ontop of his finger

Why does a go kart have a saw on it

Go-Karts 1 looks too intense for me

>trys to injure another person
>loses a finger

love it when this happens

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Let's hope he's not a pianist

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If you ever cut chicken wings it takes the same amount of pressure as a joint the joint as a finger to sperate

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Imaigne if this had sound


they're actually very dangerous. it isn't a lot of power compared to a car but they are very very light. especially if you're inexperienced and purposely trying to hit other people.

you can see a similar accident here where one kart gets ontop of another kart:
because they are so low to the ground they can easily act like a big ramp

These are kevlar gloves with metal inserts, so likely you would just break your finger.

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but from nerve gas, unrelated to OP

so not only do you lose a finger you also get stabbed with shards of metal... brilliant

The other person's go-kart instinctively knew the guy with the camera would become the next incel mass shooter, so it sliced off his trigger finger to prevent a future tragedy. #banguns

I could be wrong, maybe they don't have metal in them. I've seen tests. These are made for workplace accidents, they will save your fingers.

Flube psychosis