Youtube bros? What the fuck?

Youtube bros? What the fuck?

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>zoomers cant into newpipe for android, or ublock for PC/Mac


I think there might be some issues in the ad market.

Will this truly push more Zoomers and Boomers to buy Premium when Newpipe exist?

this is literally the fault of adblockers

more people installing adblock = more ads to compensate

eventually adblockers will be banned entirely

so glad the future is a technological caste system. Never feel bad for ad watchers: I'd say they deserve it, but, in reality, they don't even know or care it's being "done" to them

What about iOS

If you enjoy this shit why are you telling idiots about it? You do realise all that ONLY works because enough morons exist that don't know about them?


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>owning apple products

90% of internet users don't use adblock

>unironically using ios
enjoy your shakles

The lockdowns were because people refused to mask and vaxx
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You deserve everything you get, appcuck

retard you already posted this on Any Forums and got promptly laughed off the board
you need it to happen to you again?

why don't you use adblocker like a normal person

I work in digital advertising

we get more and more revenue every year. Adblock is NOT an issue.

Something is going wrong in the ad market.

10 minute ads, 2 minute add sequence in the beginning of the video telling you to buy some shaving product or VPN. Mid roll in the video telling you to buy some iwebsite creating site.

Youtube is dead.

Linus please kys

Somehow the ads have returned.

Not my problem. I just won't watch your garbage

chrome is removing adblocking soon, by the way
firefoxtrannies we stay winning

fuck off linkara

Lmao imagine being this retarded

"i don't care about cookies" has been bought by AVAST so uninstall that extension asap

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will this chart ever change?

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Doesn't matter because no one has paid any attention to the videos they've watched on YouTube since like 2015. It's all just "background noise" for people now, and the quality of the "content" (their preferred word, kek) on there these days reflects that.

Don't be so qick to laugh at this poor, ignorant applepleb. With mandatory TPM, thia is our future.

i haven't seen an ad in years
but the newer generations are so used to ready-to-use apps and programs and services that they forgot how to tinker with computers and smartphones
kids don't even know how to avoid ads or pirate

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>we get more and more revenue every year.
How? Also fuck you. Stop putting niggers in every commercial.

firefox won't let you browse kiwifarms and says it's a dangerous site lol

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kill your self

you're a fool if you think they would have slowed down if fewer people had adblocks
youtube and advertisement works on infinite growth

my adblock got me malware into my pc. fuck adblocks

my work gifted me youtube premium for life, haven't seen an ad in over 3 years.

Having used adblockers for decades the experience of going to some relatives or school pc's/phones feels like a surreal experience with no unusable and awful the "intended" experience is.

Why do people tolerate it? Its so bad

brave browser blocks youtube ads and also allows you to minimize the video unlike regular safari or youtube app

I hope they double down and add even more, racist piece of shit.

Got an adblocker that works pretty well on ipad and blocks all yt ads when watched on safari

>using firecux when they installed some shitty Mr robot plugin without asking
Edgechad 4eva

the second one is malware

I browse internet 99% of the time on pc and never see an ad, but sometimes when in public I'll put on a youtube video on the phone. The fucking ads are insane. Click a video, 2 ads. Video runs for a minute, 2 ads. Another minute, 2 ads.
Not only do you get bombarded with ads every minute but it's the most insane shit ads possible. Videos will cut off mid sentence and they'll play an ad blasting in your ear full volume with horns and explosions. One ad I've been seeing is the most shit ''comedy'' I've ever seen. It's this shitty animation voiced over by what sounds like two unfunny mumbling 15 year olds.

Twitch is a hilarious joke, you get 1 of 8 ads these days, 30 seconds each


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Youtube essentially has a monopoly and buys out all competition. So what is stopping them from squeezing as much profit from their model as they possibly can?
The governments of the world certainly don't seem to have the power to curb corporations.
I expect things will begin to get much worse as they squeeze their consumers more and more.

>all these poorfag responses
I hate mactoddlers but android is so shit that iOS manages to be the lesser evil
Anyway, just use an invidious instance like

This happened to me the other night. Strings of 5 or 6, 5-10 sec ads that couldn't be skipped. Back to 2 ads that are skippable, but I had a few hours of this shit on my TV. Absolutely abysmal.

Why don't you use Youtube vanced. I legit almost got rid of my smartphone before I learned about it. With ads there is no point.

>The governments of the world certainly don't seem to have the power to curb corporations.
They don't want to.

But that's true

same, used some relatives' pc and phones and it was constant ads everywhere
absolutely insane and enraging and they don't know any better. we're talking about 15yo to 30yo it''s insane
i'm convinced all these ads on phones are what's making people so angry

I don't use my phone enough for me to be assed to download something to get rid of ads. I tried to download adblock once but then saw that youtube opens up in a different app that you can't put plugins on and then I gave up.

>proud of paying more for less features
The absolute state of iTards
Tim Cook could literally come take a dump on your chest and you fags would start whipping out your credit cards asap for "le experience"

yeah this basically. they have literally no reason to stop, because as much as everyone might complain about ads 99% of people continue to put up with them. by slowly increasing the number and length of ads over the years they’ve successfully stretched what normies will put up with, meanwhile shilling their ad free subscription to pick up some paypigs

Oh, I commute via train, so if I didn't have a way to watch youtube on mobile without ads I'd kill myself.

Reddit "logic"

You should watch free to air TV, i was staying with someone recently and i don't know how i or anyone else used to put up with it.
I like to think it must have gotten worse since i last watched but tv shows aren't any shorter are they?
I'd rather just not watch tv which as a couch potato is saying something.

Vanced is good but it doesn't have much time left. The devs of the app quit about a year ago, so there's no longer any updates. Some user itt mentioned newpipe so if Vanced ends up no longer working, newpipe might be a good alternative

the slow boiling pot theory
they could pump 30 ads and zombies would still be watching them all

>eventually adblockers will be banned entirely
two more weeks!

Sounds good, I'll keep it in mind. Gotta stay a step ahead of these corporate fags.