Ywn get the conclusion to Roughnecks STC

>ywn get the conclusion to Roughnecks STC
it hurts back then and it still hurts today, bros

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They were so close too ffs
36 out of 44 intended episodes

Looks like New Captain Scarlet from 2005

I rewatched this recently after not having seen it since 1999. Goddamn does it NOT hold up lol

Favorite campaign? Hydora was pretty good. And Tesca

Starship Troopers also got a film with a lot of 3D titties on 2012

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the animations definitely not but pretty much everything else is still solid

Zephyr is my favourite

Live Forever Apes

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I'm gonna play EDF while listening to the audiobook.

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Favourite: the one with the asteroid forgot the name
Least Favourite: earth, 1 because its unfinished 2 because some of the plot is pretty dumb

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Have you seen the Anime/OVA?

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that looks horrible, I prefer Dina Meyer's

It's from 2012
It's got PS3 graphics

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>Dude gets robotic hand.
>Dies next scene.
I hate this movie.

Movie really had a bunch of subversions.
The B couple makes it all the way but the A dies.
Although the A-Team of Carl, Carmen and Rico all make it though

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Why did they canceled it anyway? what a shame.

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I liked the skinnies. T'phae was based

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