Who is in the wrong here?

Who is in the wrong here?

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I don’t get what the graph is supposed to mean. Is dubbing like the euro version of dabbing? Who the fuck dabs anymore

Red = countries with culture
Blue = countries with no culture, fake countries

the red countries are weak, they don't trust their language's ability to survive if not given a hand.
blue countries have confidence in themselves, they don't need to butcher foreign art to ensure the survival of their language. they know it will prosper regardless.
yellow countries are just weird. I'll never get it. Although it's fun to watch movies voiced-over in russian.

soviet russian voice overs with the same voice and tone for every character and situation are the biggest form of kino


Germany is red and UK is blue, in case you didn't notice

Blue = high IQ
Red = lazy negroes
Yellow = subhuman
party rockers

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Are you telling me French and German people go to the cinema and watch shit like the Avengers dubbed?!

movies when are fully translated, the voices replaced with lip-synced new ones in the local language. Some professional dubbers are well respected.
It broadens the audience for that nation but diminishes the ability to learn English in young children.

In Belgium only francophones dub. Dutch speaking part solely uses subtitles

The only language that should be dubbed is french. Horrible frog noise

>balkaniggers, roaches, baltics
>high IQ
blue is the true subhuman tier
imagine being on par with roaches

it's the funniest shit. the french also have to subtitle their own programmes.

Yeah are you implying angloids have something resembling culture?
Their high point is getting raped by various germanic groups for 2000 years.

Yeah german voices sound much better than american/english ones.

>not high IQ
Seething westernoid detected. Shit opinion rejected.

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the mere existence of german language is an insult to human ears

Americoon seething

please be bait
there's no chance someone actually considers balkanoid mystery meat human, there is no way someone is this dumb
one the other hand, you're a frogposter, you're dumb by default

I guess Tesla, Mother Teresa, etc. aren't human? Westernoid cope is off the scale today.

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Am I wrong? Baltics countries are shitholes. Balkan "countries" are inhabited by brown rape babies of endless hordes who have conquered this land since the antique, the only good thing I can say about them is that they're dying out (albeit slowly). Roaches are not even human.

What about Netflix and streaming services? Do red countries watch their shows dubbed too

Balkanchads live rent free in your head, enjoy freezing during winter this year Hans

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North blue = Mentally colonized by Anglos
South blue = Europoor
Red = Legitimate culture
Yellow = Europoor with legitimate culture

>jewish experiment seething because he knows he's inferior
I'd rather live among balkanites than subhuman amerimutt freaks

weirdo who had funny ideas, made one significant contribution to science and then went crazy. Your only real reason to feel pride (as much as having just one important scientist may make someone proud). So much that serbs and croats would love to start a war to settle which tribe was he from.
>mother Teresa
Some albanian woman who wasted her life feeding poojeets kek
Is there anyone else? Really? Please go on, I can't wait. Why'd you stop now? There SURELY is so much more.

red = based
blue = cuckolds
yellow = oh shit nigga what are you doing

Meds. Take them. I'm sure you can afford at least aspirin.
Why would I freeze? Because muh russians? Lmao stay delusional serboid

>ok tesla is really good and smart but he still is... LE BAD!
>mother teresa fed the poor which is... LE BAD!
>p-please give me more famous and influential balkanchads to seethe at and impotently try to undermine their achievements
How about no, westfag

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>le meds
We got a faggot on our hands

>stay delusional serboid
cope angloid/germanoid

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Imagine being a mental child who needs to have the original work of art ruined for you to be able to wrap your malformed skull around it, Smdh.

I think a beautiful example of the potential of ruining completely a tv show/film with dubs is The Sopranos
In the Italian dub they gave the crew Neapolitan accents while civilians speak standard Italian, and it's the stupidest thing ever, not to mention all the subtleties, countless jokes and malapropisms that are lost in translation

>b-but muh tesla
You have no one besides this one guy, and he didn't even live in your hellhole of a country. It's not impressive, it's pathetic. Is this really the best flex you have after centuries of (seemingly pointless) existence? Seriously, how retarded are you?

degenerate dubbing faggots