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Chadrod editon


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morfchads, rise up!

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2nd for Gal

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She's looked hot af in this scene

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One billion dollars.

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>main character
>in every episode
>is the worst part of the entire show
Bravo morf

Skaven clone replacement. The real galadriel will be revealed at end of season.

>but thus is lotr, not whfb
I don't think Amazon understands the difference

I thought you guys said this show was pozzed

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You guys lied to me.
It's another episode where NOTHING happens during the entire episode.
Oh no wait I forgot, beginning of the ep : human population hate elves.
End of the episode : human population love elves now.

Sexy elf ears

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all hail to the mouse queen

Episode was great, best of the season so far

your mistake was seeing a scene where a group of people is doing a BAD thing, of course there's nobody darker on screen but that's pure coincidence


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>Make Galadriel dumb retard so Halbrand looked smart and cunning
>Make the very King's Advisor visit the cell, so Halbrand and him could exchange couple meaningless words as the start of their partnership

You can spend 1bln dollars and hire fucking amateur writers. BRAVO BEZOS!

Lots of chud-triggering scenes this episode, it was great.

should i watch the fourht episode or do we have enough webms for this nonsense

Can see a Beren and Luthien (with Silmaril) painting next to Narsil

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>i'm acting

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Unironically I would not feel comfortable condemning someone to watch this nonsense even for the sake of more laughs.

lmao incels triggered because there is foreshadowing. They wish it was a hecking epic twists which comes out of nowhere to subvert expectations.

>Lots of chud-triggering scenes this episode
This, they are absolutely flapping. It's hilarious

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No way!


Is this a fresco of men alongside elves fighting monsters?

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>elf workers taking your jobs
What? No elf would want to live anywhere but with other elves. Also, Numenoreans got their long lifespans through elven genetics, so they're all technically elves.

>they took err jerrrbs
>in Lotr

let that sink in

>Appeared near the gates to Valinor out of nowhere
>Winks at camera while saying "Looks can be deceiving"
>Talks in highly sophisticated and sly way
>Have wit personality
>Master Blacksmith
>Hey, guys, i think Halbrand is one of the Nazguls or ther King that betrayed Isildur!

This shit gets me every time.

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shes always so blood thirsty.

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>Elrond plotline gets offscreened, timeskip, tower is already halfway built
>nevermind it was a one minute scene
>teleport back to Khazad Dum, plotline continues

>Seems to me that you'd well to identify what it is that your opponent most fears.
>Give them a means of mastering it
(rings of power)
>so that you can master them.
(the one ring)
(sorry, fucked up the last one)

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Reminder that Halbrand is Khamul of Rhun

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you sure you are not going to delete this one too?

Rhun in the east and halbrand is southerners.

you see? you see?! these are the clown audience of this shit show

Sexy little bitch

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