Why did he do it?

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crippling autism

For Pickle Rick

He did it to kill the fandom around Rick and Morty with absolute cringe. He is a hero.

Forever tarnished the public reputation of a cartoon and its fandom. Like when family guy made the horse guy joke and bojack was forever canned into oblivion.

wish someone would do that for the Sam Hyde faggots that infest these boards

Pickle Rick meme man will go down in history. He will be remembered in the long days moving forward, his theatrical performance forever etched in the annals of history through digital medium. Five hundred years from now, a darkish-skinned, black eyed boy with crippling mental disabilities including Autism 7.0 will close his eyes, flicker on his neurolink visual screening system and pull up MyTube and see this video, and begin to laugh hysterically in the same way that we smirk at the crude, inappropriate graffiti written on the walls of Pompeii. He will be remembered, OP, his legacy intact. What will you be remembered for? Perhaps your mother will remember, in shame, that time that she walked in on you masturbating to underage japanese cartoon porn after you inevitably neck yourself for your undiagnosed mental illness: body dysmorphia. This thread will be lost to time, and it, like you, will be forgotten. But Pickle Rick man... he will live on. Forever.

How do you think he feels about an autistic outburst being the most impactful thing he'll ever do in his life

probably pretty good

I hate faggots that post the screenshot and not a webm or even a link

It was a prank stunt he performed fairly well in order to make fun of the R&M fanbase and their autistic reaction to the sauce promotion. He was a king.

I'm not your personal webm supplier nigger

>wish someone would do that for the Sam Hyde faggots that infest these boards

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Crashing this fandom with no survivors.

some context pls?

you are now, fucking post it

He's an astroturfed e-celeb faggot grifter
>le EPIC sam hyde logan paul boxing match!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't he a Jew?


Knowing Sam Hyde, that would just further his publicity

At the height of Rick and Morty's popularity, mcdonalds released Szechuan sauce for a limited time, based on that meme from the show. The dude in OP was in line waiting for his sauce, but when it was sold out, he launched into an autistic manic episode where he jumped onto the counter and started screaming SZECHUAN SAUCE I'M PICKLE RICK unironically.


holy fuk its been 4 years already