You did watch this last night for its 27th anniversary... right Any Forums?

you did watch this last night for its 27th anniversary... right Any Forums?

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I want to see this on the big screen really, really bad.

thread theme

I watch this every week

I've always been a fan of this hip hop track they play when they go to Burn's house party:

Get a home theatre and this will never be a problem for you again

no, THIS is the thread theme:

Hacking is like typing on two keyboards hooked to the same computer really fast right?

me too hell i wish i could have been their age living in nyc in the mid 90s

Hackers takes place in an alternate universe where hacking is magic and you're either born with the gift or not. They're clearly performing technomancy

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No. This is the thread's theme.

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ok fair enough, user

Angelina Jolie is not hot. Is this the movie where that meme started? I never found her attractive enough to single her out as this bombshell the media made her out to be. Hell, she looks better as an older milf than she did when she was young.

For me, that track will always belong to 'Mortal Kombat'. Especially because it reunited Liu with his brother.

Your probably a zoomer faggot to be fair. She's smoking hot in it. Pic related is 16 yr old jolie

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Thanks for reminding me what kino will I watch tonite.

Unrelated, what's it like being gay in the 2020s?

not sure about that but this was her first notable role. you're wrong about her not being hot she's stunning in this film

its like cross board tripfagging

She peaked in Cyborg 2, a shame how terrible that movie is

Doubt that, I am not at risk for Monkey Pox.

for me the best thing about this film is the soundtrack and most importantly the costume design

i live in nyc and it is still influencing streetwear fashion i see here to this day and zoomers don't even know it

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Not that user, but he has a point. I forgot at which point in her career she became a sex symbol. She did 'Tomb Raider' which was every kid's wet dream in the nineties, but I don't think that was the starting point. I think it came later in her career. Nobody knew who she was at the time of 'Hackers'. I don't even think it was a movie that made her into a bombshell, but it was the magazines instead.

thankfully roger k burton the costume designer got to keep everything from the film and did a big exhibition 2 years ago for the 20th anniversary

here's a interview he did explaining where he sourced most of it, what brands certain pieces come from, etc

crazy how so much of it is vivienne westwood

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Adults discovered her in Mojave Moon or Gia on HBO, my dad owned them both

Hackers was in heavy rotation on HBO in the late 90s, with her titties being the obvious star.

I bought it on VHS for five bucks in the late 90s, the cover was cool and the description sounded awesome. Loved it ever since

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The soundtrack is amazing, atmosphere is fucking great, and as user stated the fashion is timeless. You throw in a solid script with some great actors turning in great performances and it's no wonder it has sustained.