Disney will never make kino like this again...

Disney will never make kino like this again, because all the people that once knew how to animate like this are now either dead or too old to work anymore. Animation on this level is a lost art. All we will ever get now is lazy 3D animation and soulless live action demakes. youtube.com/watch?v=TXbHShUnwxY

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this scene is feet kino

Fun fact, they nearly went bankrupt with this movie because if how expensive to make it was.

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What a beautiful concept "we've met before in a dream". Boomers really knew about the beauty of small things and the power of words. Now there's no stubbleness and everything has to be rude and in-your-face


truly a lost art, the problem is that art and money doesn't really work well togheter

God, you are a dullard.

Fuck, the Sword in the Stone restoration is so shit

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Bullshit OP
There are people that can animate like that
Only noone wants to pay them for their work

Whilst you are so exciting!

There isn't, not on that level. Schools literally don't teach hand drawn animation like that anymore.

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Nigger literally go to youtube, type 2d animation reel, and you'll find someone

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3 is already perfect, 5 is flat as fuck

animation on that level isn't art, its craft, and its hundreds/thousands of hours of work for one hour of animation.

K go enjoy your Nikki Minaj music since that's the only kind of rhetoric your brain can comprehend

i believe 3 is actually a redraw
dvd version therefore

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