Anakin had a super overpowered jedi that he kept hidden and nobody knew about

>Anakin had a super overpowered jedi that he kept hidden and nobody knew about

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Ahsoka was only good as a jailbait slut in a tube top

Not in my canon

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Lots of people knew about her but she had left the Jedi order and was off-grid. Even assumed dead by Vader after their fight where she is saved with time shenanigans.

Never go Ashoka to mouth

baby grogu isnt a jedi

the two Ahsoka trainer games on f95 are top tier
the old one in 2d and the new one in 3d

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Her feet are light and nimble.

She dances in light and in shadow. And she is a great favorite.

i love small ahsoka and her voice actress
Rosario actually tried to imitate how she sounded in the clone wars

She spinflips and leaps out of danger.

She is dancing, dancing. They say she will never die.

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Is that Shak-ti?

How does she handle a meat saber?


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this artist is god

if he's the one that also draws loli ahsoka

Disney clearly doesn`t care about continuity and canon. It`s always been obvious they were out to make their own thing with the IP. The healthiest thing you can do for yourself if you don`t want to be constantly seething about it is to just think of episodes 1 to 6 as SW and consider the rest something else. Star wars is gone, let it go. Attachments are the path to the dark side.

I don't like those games. They market themselves as slave-trainers but you end up pimping girls out. Not interesting in preparing girls for other men. That's as bad as having a daughter.